Truth and Free Will

God, I wanted to talk more about Doreen Virtue’s and her husband Michael’s conversions to Christianity. They are convinced that they are helping us all by telling us to follow only the Bible, and they give the impression that I am talking to the devil now. I know, Lorelle. What do you think? I don’t think the God that gave me all that information about love could have been the

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God’s Perspective

God, my communication with you led me to believe that those parts of the Bible, which talk about necromancy and other spiritual gifts being wrong, were added by the church, and are not the 'word of God'.  Doreen Virtue, who has a strong connection with you as far as appearances go, says she believes that it is the word of God now, and that it is a sin. I know,

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  Hello God. Hello Lorelle.  What would you like to talk about? Life. Ok, Lorelle. Life isn’t what most of you think it is, which is the time you spend in your physical form between your physical birth and death.  Life is what I am, and what you are.  Life is All That Is.  Life for us humans is only the physical part of an eternal life that you cannot

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