Truth and Free Will

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God, I wanted to talk more about Doreen Virtue’s and her husband Michael’s conversions to Christianity. They are convinced that they are helping us all by telling us to follow only the Bible, and they give the impression that I am talking to the devil now.

I know, Lorelle. What do you think?

I don’t think the God that gave me all that information about love could have been the devil. But I am humble; I know that I don’t know much about metaphysical stuff, nor about religion.

I know, Lorelle, and that is why you were a great choice for someone to convey the message that everyone can have conversations with God and everyone is one with God. You don’t have to go through a third party – Jesus, and you don’t have to follow the dictates of the book that was written so long ago.

You know that there are some parts of the Bible that cause you concern, and the reason they cause you concern is that you have an inner guidance system which lets you know what is best for you, as does everyone.

I know you are wondering what has happened to the internal guidance systems that Doreen and Michael have. You know that they have been brainwashed to believe that the Bible is the only source of truth, but as you know, truth is all around you in God’s kingdom, and it is only your internal guidance system which can tell you what is true for you. But as you know, truth is relative to each person, the further it moves away from ultimate reality, which is love. Love is the only truth which is the truth for all. So, focus on love and you can’t go wrong.

God, I commented on one of Michael’s posts on Facebook, when someone else commented that “your source [about angels] needs to be the Bible lest ye be deceived”. I asked if it was possible that fallen angels had contributed to the Bible, especially during translation. The answer included that “God is more than able to protect His word”. I happen to agree that God is more than able to protect His word, but would he? I wondered where free will comes in. Wouldn’t God be more than able to see everyone follow the “word of God” just as easily as he is able to protect his word from alteration? But this isn’t what happens. Where does free will fit in?

You know that everyone has free will and this is the reason that God cannot interfere in the translation of the Bible, or the books that are selected to go in it. Nor can God interfere in the interpretation of the words in the book, except through your inner guidance system.

When you come to trust your inner guidance system, you are likely to listen to it when it tells you that there are problems with certain passages in your Bible. When you have discounted the messages from your inner guidance system, you tend to only trust what you have been told is the word of God, even if it doesn’t gel with your inner guidance.

You will always know the truth for you if you trust your inner guidance system, but that doesn’t mean that the truth for you is the truth for everyone.

You know that every person on this planet (and others) is unique. No two people see the world in exactly the same way, because they are looking from their own unique perspective. Only when they turn inwards to the love that dwells within themselves can they see the love that dwells within each and every person on this planet (and others).

Your love is my love is our love. We are one, you and I. You and I are one with all of humanity, with all of my creation. We are all connected through the love of God. God is love, and any book or person who shows a different view of God, other than love, is not looking through the lens of love within themselves.

We are love, you and I. We are one. Be at peace.

I just wanted to finish this blog by saying that I am grateful for Doreen and Michael continuing to share their beliefs with us all after their conversions. Their sharing has caused me to question my beliefs and my faith in the God that I had come to know. My spirituality and my connection with God had taken a back seat in recent years, and this questioning has only served to strengthen my faith and brought God back into the forefront of my mind. For that I am deeply grateful.

Could this be the reason for the conversions in the first place – to bring us all closer to our own version of God? What do you think?

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