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Hello God.

Hello Lorelle.  What would you like to talk about?


Ok, Lorelle.

Life isn’t what most of you think it is, which is the time you spend in your physical form between your physical birth and death.  Life is what I am, and what you are.  Life is All That Is.  Life for us humans is only the physical part of an eternal life that you cannot even imagine.  Life for All That Is exists in all of my creation.  Life exists in those things that you might have previously thought of as lifeless, such as rocks and grains of sand.  I am in everything, and therefore life is in everything.

God, I can sort of accept that life is in everything that you have created, but is life in plastics and glass and bricks, and things that humans have made?

Yes, Lorelle, not as elemental as in the original creation, but life is there in all things.  There is no conscious being in most of these things, but usually your planet speaks on behalf of all of those less conscious beings, such as rocks and grains of sand.  She is not so able to speak on behalf of those things that humans have made, but she is still their mother, even though humans may be their father, so to speak.

Don’t worry, Lorelle; life on this planet is here to stay.  I know that you love your planet and all who dwell on her.  You have not yet attained unconditional love for All That Is.  You still have trouble cuddling a cockroach or a crocodile, and you are not too keen on some humans, but you love your mother, the Earth, and wish her to prosper.  All who dwell on her would prosper, too, if you allowed the Earth to prosper, and allowed her to see that all who depend on her prosper too.  You know that she wants only the best for all of her children.

God, how can we know what is best for Mother Earth and All That Is?

You can know, when you listen to your internal guidance.  Many of you have forgotten how to listen to your internal guidance – to follow your feelings.  Your feelings are the voice of your soul, but you also have angels and guides to help you, as well as my counsel, if you will but listen.

The problem is you are listening to a different voice – the voice of your ego – the voice of fear.  Your ego tells you that you must compete for resources, and that there is not enough for everyone.  You take from others, and you hoard for a rainy day.  You don’t trust the universe to provide for you, so you think you have to take what you can get now.

The ideal situation would be where you shared your resources, and understood that there is enough for all.  When you understand that there is enough, and you trust the universe to provide for your future, you have no need to hoard.

Lack of faith is one of the biggest problems on the planet.  But lack of love is the greatest problem.

In fact, there is no such thing as lack of love, because all of life – All That Is – is made of love, but many fail to understand this, and fail to experience the love that exists in the world.

Most people spend their lives looking for love, without realising that that is what they are searching for, and without realising that the love that resides within each person is sufficient for all your needs.  You have enough.  You are enough.

You are life and you are love.  You are loved inside and out.

Be at peace.

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