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God, my communication with you led me to believe that those parts of the Bible, which talk about necromancy and other spiritual gifts being wrong, were added by the church, and are not the ‘word of God’.  Doreen Virtue, who has a strong connection with you as far as appearances go, says she believes that it is the word of God now, and that it is a sin.

I know, Lorelle.  You know that the only true reality is love, and you know that both she and you speak with love in relation to these things.  You therefore believe that you should believe the same thing.  But what if I told you that God’s plan for each of you is different, even though God loves each of you equally.

Most people believe that the truth is the truth, regardless of whose it is.

I know.  As you know, God’s perspective is different through every physical being, even though God’s perspective through ultimate reality is the same for everyone and everything – absolute love.  I see the world differently through your eyes, than through Doreen’s, because you both have different reasons for being, even though both of these reasons are to be love, think love, and act with love in all that you do.

When Doreen thinks love, she thinks the Bible is the ultimate truth.  When you think love, you think that your ultimate truth comes from God within.  As in many questions, these are not either/or answers, but both/and.

At the time of the Bible being changed to reflect the fact that certain attributes were a sin, it was a necessary step in the evolution of man.  Now it is a necessary step in the evolution of man to understand that, regardless of your beliefs, you can still love each other, and you can respect each other’s beliefs for being the truth for them, never able to affect you in any way.

What about those followers of Islam who believe that only their way is right, and everyone else needs to be eradicated?

Lorelle, that is one reason for your book, We Are One, to allow followers of Islam to see that there can be other perspectives of Islam, than those proposed centuries ago, and the new perspectives are no more wrong than the old ones were.

Most people need to believe that there is only one absolute truth.

Yes, Lorelle.  There is – love.  And when you allow love to rule your life, rather than the words of another being, whether they be a well respected author, a prophet, or the so-called written word of God, you are always acting from the source of absolute truth.

As you learned before, love is the answer to all questions.  Love will conquer the world.  Love will understand that conquering doesn’t mean eradicating or controlling.  Love means allowing, accepting, forgiving, and understanding.  Love means freedom, peace, and joy, and denying anyone their right to freedom, peace, and joy is not love.

Be at peace, Lorelle, and share these words with all who will listen.

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