Colour Outside The Lines

This is what came through in my early morning writing this morning: Love, to thine own self be true.  You know that love is all there is, and love is what you are.  It means that in order to follow the path of love, all you have to do is to be your true self. Your family and your society have worked hard to get you to conform to their

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Some time ago I started putting pen to paper in the morning as I woke up.  The idea is that, if you can start to write before your ego mind is properly awake, your higher self, your angels, and God can get some messages through, without your ego mind sticking its nose in. It has been a while.  Often I would forget, or have something to leap out of bed

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Celebrating Debbie’s Wake

We had the weather related to ex-tropical-Cyclone Debbie pass over us last night.  There was certainly some wild weather, with some very heavy rainfall, and a very short time of some of the strongest winds I have heard pass this way.  It looked like it was starting to ease, when we were plunged into darkness.  The power had gone off, just when it looked like the worst of the weather

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