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Some time ago I started putting pen to paper in the morning as I woke up.  The idea is that, if you can start to write before your ego mind is properly awake, your higher self, your angels, and God can get some messages through, without your ego mind sticking its nose in.

It has been a while.  Often I would forget, or have something to leap out of bed to get on with.

Today I remembered.  This is what came through.  The first part seems to be from my higher self and the last part from God, but I believe it is addressed to all of us.

And so it is as I awake

A light comes on inside

A light to guide me through my life

And bring me home alive


I am the joy that I can be

I am the love as well

I am the light unto the world

The light for everyone


Yet, in ev’ry being on the Earth

The light of One God dwells

I merely remind each one of their brilliance

And help to guide them home


You are a joy to work with.

You are the light of the world.

Be the light of the world

And guide my people home.

If you’re wondering why I called this blog “Hallelujah”, it’s because our choir is learning the Hallelujah chorus to take part in the
Sunshine Coast Choral Festival and I have been listening to it while I type these words.

Be the light of the world and proclaim God’s kingdom within yourself and in this world.

Why not try listening to your higher self, your angels, and God as you awake?  I would love to hear how you go.



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