Celebrating Debbie’s Wake

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heal fae kick up your heels

We had the weather related to ex-tropical-Cyclone Debbie pass over us last night.  There was certainly some wild weather, with some very heavy rainfall, and a very short time of some of the strongest winds I have heard pass this way.  It looked like it was starting to ease, when we were plunged into darkness.  The power had gone off, just when it looked like the worst of the weather was over.

I was counting my blessings, however.  Even though I had planned a meal which I was just about to cook in the oven, unlike many people, we are lucky to have gas hotplates, which allowed me to cook a reasonable meal and make a cup of tea.  We did better than a neighbour, who, despite an invitation to join us in our feast, opted for a bowl of weetbix for dinner.

We didn’t feel quite so lucky when we awoke this morning to find we still had no electricity.  When we opened the curtains, we were somewhat uplifted by the beautiful sunny day we discovered, but our mood soon changed to one of disappointment when we walked outside our back door and found a couple of large branches down.  I was even more upset to find one of my favourite trees uprooted, and lying prone across the yard.  Other large branches had fallen in our paddock, blocking our paddock entrance from the road.

I knew it had been windy, but I had no idea it had caused such damage, until the light of day made it obvious.

We filled up our generator, and set it running the fridge and freezer.

I started counting my blessings again.

With our generator, our food wouldn’t spoil.  We have solar hot water, so the few hours of morning sun was enough for me to have a hot shower.  We have town water, so we don’t rely on electricity to pump our water.  To my knowledge, there has been no damage to any buildings, only trees and fences.  The greatest blessing of all is that we are all safe and sound.

So, even though we were without power for 19 hours, we still had much in life to celebrate.

It is always good to look for the blessings in any situation we find ourselves in.

This reminds me of the daily card reading for today – Kick Up Your Heels.

This is the other message of this card – to celebrate life in all its variety.  We can find something to celebrate in every part of our lives, including wild weather.

What can you find to celebrate about life today?

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  1. Rosie March 31, 2017 at 10:06 pm - Reply

    I agree with you Lorelle there’s lots of positives to be thankful for regarding the wild weather. One is the much needed rain without which we might have had a few more months of drought ahead. Another is that every event has lessons for us which assist us in surviving “next time” should it happen. I must add that I appreciated your invitation to share in your feast Lorelle. Am sure it would have been more enjoyable than my weetbix!

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