Colour Outside The Lines

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This is what came through in my early morning writing this morning:

Love, to thine own self be true.  You know that love is all there is, and love is what you are.  It means that in order to follow the path of love, all you have to do is to be your true self.

Your family and your society have worked hard to get you to conform to their rules and guidelines.  Whereas your true self would colour outside the lines, following love wherever it led you, after a period of time, you were trained to only colour within the lines, never exploring the depths and breadths of your true self’s guidance.

Soon you forgot to listen to your true self’s guidance altogether, because it led your colouring outside the lines constructed by society and your family.

Now, as you awaken, and desire to once more follow the guidance of your true self, you have difficulty discerning its guidance from the guidance of your programming to only colour between the lines.

In order to learn to follow your true self’s guidance once more, you may have to start doing everything from scratch, and see how you feel about it.

Walk in nature.  How does that feel?

Touch a leaf.  How does that feel?

Walk barefoot.  How does that feel?

Hug a tree.  How does that feel?

Create some artwork without worrying about staying within the lines.  How does that feel?

Your feelings are the voice of your higher self – your soul.  But your training by family and society confused you about what your feelings were trying to tell you.

When you feel joy, you know that you are doing something in keeping with your soul’s wishes.  When you feel negative emotions, such as anger or fear, you know that you are thinking or doing something outside of your soul’s wishes.

Although we are born with a God-given internal guidance system, we have to relearn how to use it after awakening from our society’s programming nightmare.  As we relearn to follow our internal guidance system, we first have to learn to follow our feelings.  This may make us seem a little crazy.

If your soul wants to remind you of the feelings of joy, it may well ask you to just stop and smell the flowers, literally, or hug a tree.  It may ask you to seem a little crazy, when compared to all those who are still asleep and always colouring within the lines.

As you start following your internal guidance system, however, it will lead you to greater and greater joy. 

You will find that true masterpieces are rarely created by colouring within the lines.  True masterpieces are created when there are no lines to conform to.

Don’t be afraid to colour outside the lines.  Follow your bliss to a life of creativity and joy.

Be at peace.

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