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Today’s blog was inspired by Yes, Prime Minister, the old British comedy series that we have seen hundreds of times, and yet still manages to make us laugh.

This particular program was suggesting a more democratic system with more grass-roots representation which would mean eradication of the party system.  Naturally, the politicians were quick to renounce the truly democratic system once they realised its ramifications.

There were other sources of inspiration for me, as well.

One was my French class, in which we discussed “la parité”, or equal opportunity for men and women, and our homework is to write a short essay about how to obtain “l’égalité” (equality) in our society.

The third source of inspiration was the card that appears above.

I bought a new oracle card deck.  This one is the Native Spirit Oracle Cards, from Denise Linn.

As I was browsing through the cards in this deck, I came across this one and its message really moved me.  This is the message that Denise has written in her guidebook for this card:

Card Meaning: You have the radiant spirit of a warrior of the light. Be impeccable in all of your actions. No matter what others believe, the Creator always knows the truth. This isn’t the time to be timid and pull back. Immense courage is filling you. Throw your shoulders back, step forward, and take a risk! Be willing to live life from your heart rather than your mind. Honor your truth. Speak up for yourself.

Your Native Spirit Wants You To Know:  The greatest native warriors weren’t the ones who wounded the most people; they were those remarkable beings who had such personal power that enemies lay down their weapons rather than fight. There are times in life to step back, and even times to walk away, but there are also times to stand up for yourself and those less advantaged. Don’t allow yourself to be limited by your belief system. Courage doesn’t mean that you aren’t afraid. Fearless means just that: fear less. Acknowledge that you’re frightened and take action anyway! Face your anxiety and go beyond the limited perceptions of yourself. Through your example, people find and act on their truth. You’re a light bearer for others.”

All of these sources reminded me of the Arab Spring which saw thousands of people in countries like Tunisia, Egypt and Libya rise up and demand democracy.

I realised that the lack of success in bringing about true democracy in the Arab countries had the same cause as the lack of true democracy in Australia and other western nations.

The democratic system which underpins our society, and which the Arab countries aspired to, is based on patriarchy.

This patriarchal system has brought us to where we are to date, and I have no doubt that everything is happening in divine order.  Perhaps, we needed such a system to achieve certain goals, but I believe the time for such a system is now passed.

It is this patriarchal system which has caused so much damage to our mother, the Earth, who nurtures us all.  I believe that, without a drastic change in our attitudes to all of life on Earth, the days of human habitation on this planet are numbered.

The Earth is a powerful being – much more powerful than we insignificant humans.  We are like ants upon her back, and easily crushed.  Yet, as our mother, she loves her human inhabitants and wants only the best for us as well.

I believe the time has come to honour, not only our Earth mother, but all mothers.  It is time to honour the feminine in all of us.  It is time to become a Warrior of the Heart.

We need to begin with changes in the home, where mothers’ roles are considered as important as fathers’ roles, where boys are taught to cook and clean, and girls are taught to fix cars and be handy around the home.

However, whilst we have a patriarchal society, change will be slow and stifled.

We see women entering politics, but those women are part of the party system, where, they have to use their masculine attributes to succeed.  The women, too, are supported by men with vested interests – the industries which wish to see the status quo continue, so that they can continue to rape and pillage our planet.

The major parties often cause outrage for many women; yet, come election time, female voters are frightened into supporting them by tactics which cause them to want to protect their homes and families.

My essay for French homework will suggest a political system based on true parity.

Such a system would ensure that every government department has both a male and female head of equal status, and no decision can be enacted unless both parties agree.  Both heads would be democratically elected, not from a party, but from a grass-roots hierarchy which has equal representation at every level.

Such a system would honour both the masculine and the feminine and would lead to a balance, a harmony, which has been rarely seen on our planet.

The question asked by the Prime Minister in Yes Prime Minister: “But how would we get our unpopular laws passed?”  would be answered by: “You wouldn’t.”

However, until such a parity exists in our society, we need to appeal to the feminine aspects of those men and women who are already in power, to achieve a greater balance in the current system.  We, the people, need to lead them by example.

We need to be bearers of light, to be fearless and live life from the heart, not the mind.

We, the people, each need to be a Warrior of the Heart, and to ask each of our leaders to be one, too.


Are you ready to be a Warrior of the Heart?

Do you have any other ideas of how to achieve parity in our society?

Do you have other ideas of how to improve conditions for Mother Earth?





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