Happy Inauguration Day!

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I started feeling funny a couple of hours ago.  I felt like a blanket of negativity was draped over my shoulders and over my head.  I did a wonderful chakra-clearing meditation, and yet the feeling returned.  It was a mild anxiety that felt like it was threatening to explode into a full-blown panic attack.

I tried to understand where this feeling had come from.  I hadn’t seen anything on Facebook to have caused it.  I hadn’t been with negative people, only to choir practice, where everyone was joyfully singing.

What could be the cause?

But then I remembered what day it is – Friday 20th January – Inauguration Day.

I realised that this anxiety I was feeling was the cumulative effects of the concerns of millions of people around the world, waiting and wondering whether Donald Trump’s presidency could possibly be as bad as they feared.

This feeling was further evidence that We Are One, just as the title of my second book reminds us.

I have known that I am empathic for some time now.  That is the reason I finally became vegan, after avoiding the decision for years.  I felt the pain of all those animals suffering in factory farms.  I felt the terror of all those frightened animals as they were forced to confront the smell of fear at the slaughterhouse.  I suffered as they suffered.

The truth is that we are all empathic.  We cry when others cry; we laugh when others laugh.  We suffer when others suffer.

We have just been taught from a very young age to wear blinkers, so that we can’t see others suffering.  We have been taught to block our ears, so we can’t hear others crying.  We have been told to mind our own business, not to get involved, that it is someone else’s problem.

What those who taught us failed to realise was that the suffering of others has an effect on us, whether or not we try to pretend it doesn’t.

We Are One.

Once we start to admit this fact to ourselves, we realise that we can’t bury our heads in the sand any longer.  We have to work towards changing the world, so that suffering is eliminated.  Not because we are altruistic in wanting to help others.  But because we know that in helping others, we are really helping ourselves.

Once we admit that everyone is empathic, we start to understand that sometimes our feelings of illness, pain, or anxiety, do not originate within, but without.  Instead of searching for a pill to take away the pain from our lives, the pain which may even cause us to be labelled as mentally ill, we, instead, ask ourselves and our creator: “How may I serve?”

As we learn to serve others, we help to eliminate others’ suffering, thus eliminating our suffering, but also, bringing us joy in the process.

This image is from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards (Doreen Virtue PhD).

This image is from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards (Doreen Virtue PhD).

Mother Teresa once said:

Love cannot remain by itself – it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service.
I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.

So, instead of having a panic attack, why not ask your higher self and your creator: “How may I serve?”  That way you are giving meaning to your love, you are putting your love into action.  You are bringing joy to yourself and the world.

If you are concerned about Mr Trump’s presidency, your first action may be to pray for a positive outcome.  Your higher self may ask you to write letters, to sign petitions, to be vocal to ensure that your country, and your world, becomes the sort of place where you are happy to be empathic, a place where you no longer need to bury your head in the sand and pretend that you don’t feel what others feel, a place where joy is the only emotion that is shared.

Happy Inauguration Day!  Joyful Inauguration Day!

You may find that as President Trump begins his life of service to the American people, he may begin to feel the joy of service.  If our prayers are answered, he may also begin to take off his blinkers, to remove his hands from his ears, and take his head out of the sand. He may begin to feel the suffering of others.  If our prayers are answered, he may just be the US president who can lead his country and the world towards that place where joy is the only emotion shared.


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