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I was feeling lazy today, and was going to repost an earlier blog post that you may have all forgotten.  However, when I checked with my angels if they had any other suggestions, they said:

Write from the heart.

“My heart is awfully quiet, angels.  Would you like to lend a hand?”

Yes, Lorelle, we would.

We wanted to tell your readers not to fear the coming elections in the USA.  You discussed this with a friend earlier, and it is on many people’s minds.  You know that both candidates have their flaws, but remember that both candidates are children of God, too, whether they know it or not.  Both candidates also have angels and spirit guides helping them, whether they believe in them or not.

There is no reason to fear what they might do if they get into power, because, even though it is not always obvious, the power is with the people.  The people are the ones who think thoughts of war or peace, who act in peaceful or warlike ways, and who are representations of peace or war.  It is up to each individual to express, in everything they think, say and do, the sort of people they would like to represent them, and the sort of country they wish to be.

It is time for the people of the USA to take responsibility for the state of their nation.  They can no longer blame their president or their congress.  Each thought, that an individual has, has an effect in the world.  It is time for the people of the USA who wish to see peace in the world, to only think thoughts of peace.  It is time now for the people of the rest of the world who wish to see peace in the world, to only think thoughts of peace, and for everyone to only think thoughts of love towards their opponents.

Some people prefer war, and that is ok, if that is what they want.  But it is not conducive to a peaceful world to think, say, and do thoughts, words and deeds of war towards other candidates or their supporters, and expect a peaceful world to be the result.

Love is the answer to all questions.  To achieve a peaceful world, no matter who is in power, it is the responsibility of every person to think love, be love and act with love, to think peace, be peace and act peacefully.  The government and the world are only a reflection of the people’s thoughts, words, and deeds.

If you wish to change the world, you need to change your thoughts, words, and deeds.

As Gandhi once said: “You need to be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Your candidates, your government, your world will reflect that change.”

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