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I am delighted to be able to share a conversation I had with the angels earlier this week, after I had started rereading the book which first introduced me to communicating with angels: Ask Your Angels, by Alma Daniel, Andrew Ramer, and Timothy Wyllie.

Lorelle, we are happy to join you once more to share some information with you.

It was good that you were reminded of your lessons from Ask Your Angels.  This is a positive step forward – for you, to revise this information, but also for your readers, to introduce them to the idea of having their own conversations with angels.

As you learned from the book, there are changes happening, both in the physical world that you inhabit, and in the spiritual world where angels live.

Love is becoming more prominent on Earth, but it is also being used to rearrange the spiritual world.  We angels use the love that we are to arrange a different way of being.

One reason is that we are changing our relationship with humans on Earth.

As you read recently, other beings, and other humans who reside elsewhere, already have close relationships with their angels.  Earthly humans are now becoming more like the rest of physical creation.

As you know, when you are in regular contact with the angels, you are much happier.

Yes, and even reading about them seems to make me happy.

Yes, Lorelle, you are wired to find joy in the communication that we provide, both directly to yourself, but also to your fellow humans.  You are all one, as you know.  So, when you read about a human-angel relationship, it reminds you of your own.

You are a joy to work with, Lorelle, every single one of you.  But it is much easier to work with you, if you first know of our existence.  Raising your vibration also assists us, as it means we have less work to do, in order for you to hear our communication.

What I wanted to talk to you about today, Lorelle, was the way we talk to you.

We communicate via your brain, not your ears.  But the part of your brain that is affected is nearby the area of the brain that carries information from your ears.  Sometimes people hear this, as if they are hearing the words spoken by a physical person.  Sometimes, as in your communications, you just hear a thought, which is translated into words by your brain.

It is a marvellous invention – your brain.  You know that your scientists have shown that there is quite a lot of your brain that is unused by your normal daily life.  Meditation and spiritual communication use more parts of your brain, but there are still more which can be used, once your species is ready.

We are ready and waiting to help you all move forward into The Golden Age, as it has been called by some.

We all need to work together to achieve that – not only humans and their angels, but also the planet, and all of its inhabitants, including the nature spirits and all the other forms of spiritual helpers, who currently aid those beings on Earth.

You, humans, can only work in conjunction with the others, when you firstly are awake, and aware of our presence, but also, only when you attain a certain level of understanding of spiritual matters, and let go of some of the heavier energy that is currently weighing down your planet.

It takes a certain amount of commitment, on the part of all concerned.  We, angels, are committed to helping you achieve your aims, not only because it is our assigned roles, but also because, once you are aware of our presence, and work consciously with us, it will make our jobs so much easier.

So, humans, please work with us to help your fellow humans wake up, and become more enlightened.

As you know, Lorelle, enlightenment is not always what you think it is.  In this context, it just means allowing the light that already exists, within each and every one of you, to shine brilliantly out into the world.

This will aid others to awaken, to follow their spiritual paths, and to become part of the solution to the problems facing your planet, rather than the cause of the problems.

Where there is a will, there is a way.  The angels and other spiritual beings assisting your planet at this time, all have the will to help you humans to evolve, and to help your planet move towards its Golden Age.

You each can do your part.

The first step is to think love, be love, and act with love in all that you do.  This takes will-power and practice.  As you practise being love, you become better at it.

The second step is to release all those un-loving parts of your behaviour as they arise, which they will if you focus on love.

There is no point feeling guilty about doing something un-loving.  When you think, say, or do something un-loving, either you will recognise it as such, so that you can understand its cause, or we will point it out to you, perhaps via another human.

We are all one, all working together to achieve our mutual aims.

Most un-loving behaviours are caused by habits from your earlier programming.  Once you recognise these habits, it is possible to change them.

But do have patience with yourself.  These habits were not created overnight; nor will they be completely released overnight.  But with awareness, soon they will become a thing of the past.

Which brings us to the third step.  Aim to reside as much as possible in the present moment.  This is where joy resides.

It is impossible to be unhappy if you reside in the present moment, unless you are being tortured, or some drastic action is being taken against you.

Even if you have pain, with the love that you are and your present moment, it is possible to blank out pain, but this takes practice.

Start with living in the present moment when life is joyful, or neutral.  After you have practised returning to the present moment in easier circumstances, it will be much easier when things get difficult, as they may well do.

With so many changes happening in the world in order to bring about the new age, it may be necessary to endure some difficulties.  But difficulties are only difficulties if you perceive them as such.  If you perceive them as stepping stones to joy and bliss, they will be much easier to endure.

Just remember that, regardless of the circumstances you are in, your angels are right there with you, helping you as best they can.

As you know, we have to respect your free will.  So, if you need help with a particular project, it is best to ask for help with this specifically.

We are pleased to help you bring about this new world, where angels and humans will work much more closely together.  We work closely with you now, but many are unaware of us, and unaware that we have certain guidelines for the help that we can offer.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help for anything at all, but as you know, Lorelle, sometimes your soul has an aim in this lifetime, which doesn’t allow for outside assistance.  But these instances are rare, so please ask, and we will help wherever possible.

Don’t forget we love you very much, and want only the best for you.   When you all understand that you need to love yourself just as much as we love you, so that you have love available to share with the world, you will get to a stage in your development when you require less and less angelic help.

In the meantime, have a wonderful life, working towards the Golden Age of human-angelic collaboration.

I would love it if everyone who reads this begins talking to your angels, allowing you to experience great joy as you help to bring about this Golden Age of which the angels speak.

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