You Are A Heroine

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I had a dream just before I awoke this morning.  Like most dreams, it seemed to make sense at the time.  It was only later that I realised that there were a few aspects of the dream which seemed particularly pertinent, and the rest was easily forgotten.

For some reason which now escapes me, I was carrying out surveillance on a particular apartment in an apartment building, in order to determine if the occupant was at home.  I was part of some organisation which had positive aims, but of which I now have no recollection.  A colleague and I were seated on a park bench, watching the apartment on the second floor of the building, just in front of us, just outside the park.

I noticed that the man in question was home, because I saw him climb some stairs inside the apartment.

While watching the apartment, a penguin appeared on the balcony of the man’s apartment, and I pointed it out to my colleague.  Even though we were trying to remain inconspicuous in our surveillance, I wasn’t concerned about pointing, very obviously, to the penguin on the balcony, because anyone else who saw it would also think it was remarkable.

A little while later a plain clothes policeman came to arrest me.  I kept asking him “What’s the charge?” but I don’t remember hearing an answer.

What he did, however, was to take me away to an office where two men had a “rap sheet” for me which seemed to list my crimes and misdemeanours from my life, which had about five particular items on it.

The second man read out the last item: “You are a heroine, and you think that you own the country.”

I replied, “Yes, I do own the country, and so do you.”  I went on to explain to him that, in a democracy, the government is supposed to be working for the people, and not the other way around.  I left him with the understanding that we should have a lot more control over our government than we currently do.

The first man agreed with me, and told me that he had been telling the other fellow that for years.

The men told me that there were no charges to be answered and that I was free to leave, and they thanked me for making the point about our country being owned by its people.  We exchanged hugs before I left, and I felt great love for them.

After I awoke, the words, “You are a heroine”, stayed with me, and I was feeling rather special, until I realised that this was a message for us all.

I had just finished reading A Swan in Heaven – Conversations Between Two Worlds, by Terri Daniel, with Danny Mandell, in which Terri relates the conversations she had with her son, Danny, who spoke to her from heaven.

I knew that the message about being a heroine was to let us all know about the way those in heaven view all of us here on Earth.

In the book, Danny says that, from the point of view of souls deciding upon their next adventures here on Earth (or other planets), the challenges we choose for our lifetimes all seem worth the pain that we inevitably suffer, because of the great spiritual growth which we experience.  At the time of reading that, I thought it seemed a huge flaw in the system: that when we get to the other side, we obviously forget how hard it can be to live a physical life, such that we voluntarily choose to thrust ourselves once more into the fray.

“You are a heroine” was a message from the other side, to let us all know that, although the pain of their lives is forgotten, those in heaven understand and empathise with the pain which we all suffer during our physical lives.  They understand because we are all connected – we are all one.

This message was a reminder to take a pat on the back every now and then, for all that you have endured, especially if it has been for the good of the all.

We are all doing the best that we can in the circumstances in which we find ourselves, and we can never truly judge another, or the path which they are taking through life.  Even someone who has caused you, or someone else, pain, may have arranged all of this with you or that other person, prior to incarnating into this lifetime.  As Neale Donald Walsch and God tell us in Conversations With God, the one who hurt you may be acting as “friendly soul” for you, contributing stimulus for your great spiritual growth.

When you return to heaven, after this physical life, you will be the only one who judges your “rap sheet”, with the help of your guides, and from the perspective of non-physical, you will find that there are no charges to answer.  Even though you will notice the ways you may have preferred to have done things differently given your time over again, you will be encouraged to view yourself as a heroine or hero, because that is, indeed, what you are.

You are the hero or heroine of your own story, the script of which was written with the help of all the players and their guides, prior to starting your journey through this life.  You have the power to adlib and rewrite parts of the script as you go, but, for the most part, you are creating your life in accordance with plans already set in place before you were born, with a view to learning and remembering your magnificence.

I believe that the penguin in my dream was a reminder that, even though we are on a serious mission of spiritual growth here on Earth, we can still add fun to every aspect of our lives, as Penguin manages to do on a daily basis.  Penguin is also a reminder that we have great willpower and can accomplish whatever we desire, if we use the strength of that will.  Penguin, who has great intuition, can also remind us that, as long as we continue to follow our intuition, we will be always following the desires of our soul.

Rather than wait for the end of this lifetime, why not do the following now:

  • Acknowledge how wonderfully you have endured all that you have encountered in this life.
  • Acknowledge that you are, indeed a heroine, or hero, just because you have been brave enough to meet all of your challenges to date, regardless of the outcome.
  • Acknowledge that you are a powerful being, and that, with determination, you can overcome any obstacles to achieve your aims in life.
  • Resolve to have more fun in your life, and ask your angels for help with ensuring that this happens.
  • Know that you are much loved, and admired by all those in non-physical.


I would be happy to hear any further insights you have in relation to my dream and its meanings.


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