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On this New Year’s Eve, the obvious topic for my blog is what we can expect for 2017.

In numerology, 2017 is a year which adds to 1, which means new beginnings.

Gerry Gavin has told us through his “Messages from Margaret” that 2017 is “The Year of Expansion”.

At the beginning of any year, many people try to predict what might happen in the new year.  Media representatives ask experts in their field what they expect could happen, and these experts respond with their hopes or fears of what lies ahead.  Often, rather than an expectation, the person is pushing an agenda that he hopes will catch on, and why not use their influence to further their cause?

Psychics may be asked what they foresee happening in the new year.  Any psychic prediction is based on energy.  They focus their intention on the year in question, and the energy emanating from that year comes back to them to give them a glimpse of what is likely to happen.

But which 2017 are the psychics looking at?

If you have read Neale Donald Walsch’s book, Home With God, you begin to understand that time and our relationship to it, may not be exactly as we had imagined.

In my book, Getting Used to Weird, I summarise this part of Home With God:

“It explained life and the afterlife through a metaphor of a sphere, which is, on one side, an apple, representing physical life, with its core being the point of birth and death.  Because the spiritual realm on the other side of the core is so different from the physical side, the metaphor described that side as being more like an orange.  The sphere thus received the name of Applorange.

God asks you to “imagine that you are an infinitesimal microbe, small but very much alive, moving through a tunnel in this apple.  In this metaphor the walls of the “tunnel” are the Corridors of Time.  Along the corridor are markings that make each millimetre of wall different from any other…Now notice as you move through this tunnel that time is not passing.  YOU are passing through TIME.”  This describes your physical life.”

So, in this tunnel of life, what if there are many tunnels to choose from?  What if every thing you see along this corridor is placed there on purpose to give you a chance to choose how you would like to react or respond to this situation?  What if your reaction or response to any given situation determines which direction the corridor takes you?

What if what happens in 2017 is not set in concrete, but is determined by the way we react to everything we notice along the path leading to it and during it?

If we look at what we encounter along the corridors of time with love, we respond with love.  Could it be that responding with love will lead us down a totally different corridor than that which we would encounter if we reacted out of fear?

What if even the areas we choose to focus on, along the walls of this corridor, lead us towards a different corridor?

Imagine you are in an art gallery which has a number of corridors running through it.  On one wall there are paintings that attract your attention and bring you joy, and on the other are sculptures which attract your attention for a moment or two, but you really can’t understand them.

You follow the joyful paintings towards the corridor of more and more joyful paintings. You occasionally look to the other side and see sculptures which are looking more and more ridiculous leading off into another corridor.

You could follow where the sculpture corridor leads you, just to see that you are not missing anything, and that wouldn’t be a crime, but it wouldn’t bring you joy, if the sculptures there are really not making any sense to you.

Chances are you would follow the corridor leading to the joyful paintings, and find more and more joy along the way.

Why not treat life this way?

Follow your bliss.

Look around to see what brings you joy, but go towards the corridor which brings you joy.  Don’t give any more thought to those things which don’t bring you joy.

Others may enjoy the sculptures.  The sculptures may make complete sense to them.

However, if you see others who are heading down the sculpture corridor, crying because the sculptures are too distressing, becoming angry because the sculptures are unintelligible to them, why not invite them to notice the paintings?  You can’t force anyone to like them, to like what you like.  You can’t force anyone to follow down the joyful painting corridor if they are intent on going down the sculpture corridor, even if you have seen that they are tearing their hair out.

You can just explain to them how much joy you are getting and hope that they, too, receive joy from them.

This way you are inviting others to follow their bliss also.

Could it be, then, that those who choose to follow our bliss will end up with a different 2017 than those who react to everything with fear and draw more and more fearful situations into their world?

Could it be that there are different corridors of time operating simultaneously, each with a different version of 2017?

Which version of 2017 do you wish to see?  Why not follow your bliss to the 2017 you desire, and why not invite others to join you there?




(Original photo – Hunterian Art Gallery – University of Glasgow)

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