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(Lukas Haas, playing Samuel in Witness)

I have been reading a book called Jesus: My Autobiography, by Tina Louise Spalding, which is a channelled book in which Jesus corrects all the misperceptions and false accounts of his life and his teachings that have been perpetuated by the Christian Church.  In this book, Jesus advises us to stop watching movies and television programs that involve murder, because that perpetuates our belief in death.  He tells us that the main lesson from his life was supposed to be that death is an illusion, and this physical body is not important, as, after some education, we could easily create a new body if we wished, just as Jesus did.

A couple of days ago I had taken the dog out in the car to go for a walk around a natural area near where we live.  Whilst I was walking, a thought crossed my mind that if I ran into a mugger on my walk and he stole my car key, I wouldn’t be able to call anyone, because I’d left my phone in the car.

Having learned that our thoughts attract our experiences, I asked my guides if there was some way to stop having such thoughts.  The answer I received confirmed what I had read in Jesus’ book: “Only if you stop watching fearful programs on TV.”

I was reminded of the movie, Witness.  You know the one: the 1985 movie, starring Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis, about an Amish boy who witnesses a murder.  In that movie, unable to protect the young boy and his mother from corrupt cops in the city, Harrison Ford’s character returns them to their Amish home, where the corrupt cops later find them.

The Amish boy was innocent and had no knowledge of such things as murder, just as most of us would be if we didn’t watch TV.  However, once he became a witness to murder, the bad people followed him back to his place of innocence.  When we put ideas of murder and bad people into our minds, that knowledge can attract more bad thoughts and therefore more bad people to our innocent lives, just as it did to the Amish boy.

For some reason, I have been resisting the suggestion of not watching fearful programs on TV.

I tried to convince myself that the reason I watch fearful programs is just that those are the only sort of programs available.  I tend to only watch one or maybe two programs per night, but my thorough searches in the last couple of days have failed to find anything much of interest, except shows about murder.  Obviously there is a demand for such programs, or there would not be such large supply of them.

I started to think deeply about the reason that we are attracted to such programs, and by extension to such tumultuous lives, which result from an interest in such things.

Does this go back to our original reasons for wishing to separate ourselves from God in the first place?

We could have had a life of peace and abundance in the Garden of Eden, but instead we chose to know the difference between good and evil.  We developed an ego which separated us from the mind of God, and allowed us to live in a world of duality.

God is changeless and God is love.  As we become spiritually evolved, we spend more of our time in the mind of God where all is love and peace.

Could it be that until we become more spiritually evolved than I obviously am, the mind of God is a blissful, but boring place to hang out all the time?

After some thought, I realised that that is not the case.  When was the last time you or I felt the bliss of God, and thought: “No, I’ve had enough of that.  Let me out of here.”?

What I realised was that it is not our desire to be separate from God which causes us to want to watch fearful programs, but the fact that we are separate.  It is our egos which wish to keep us separate from God, because they know that otherwise they would cease to exist.  Our egos are frightened of being overcome, of being dissolved.  It is our egos which aim to keep us in fear and to keep us separate from God.  Whilst we live in fear, we follow the dictates of our egos, and forget completely about our connection to God.

Whilst we live in a world of duality, we need our egos to keep our bodies alive.  Our true selves live on regardless of what happens to our bodies.

Even though we need our egos, we don’t need to let them control our lives.  The more we are in communion with our God minds during meditation, the more we are capable of quieting our ego minds.  The quieter our ego minds, the less we are focused on our bodies and the fear of death of those bodies, which is really what all of our fears are based on.

Rather than being witnesses of fear and fearful television programs, can we be witnesses of God’s love and peace, and attract more of that into our lives instead?

We are all born with free will to choose the fear of the ego, or the love and peace of God.

Which will you choose?


I would be grateful for any suggestions of good TV dramas or comedies that don’t involve fear and death.  I would also be grateful to hear of any of your thoughts on what I have written.



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