Why Am I Here?

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Yesterday, I started the Billie Dean’s 30 Days of Spiritual Wildness which aims to teach us to become the peace we wish to see in the world, and in the process aids the Deep Peace Trust, which provides a sanctuary for animals.  It’s not too late to join, if you are interested.  http://www.deeppeacetrust.com/30daysspiritualwildness/

I know sometimes we get so busy with our lives that we forget to take time to consider our true purpose for being here.  We tend to worry and complain about the mess that other people are making of the world, but we forget that each of us has a role to play in bringing about the changes we wish to see.

Gone are the days when we can blame the government or big business for the conditions we find in the world.  Each of us has to take responsibility, on an individual basis, for everything that happens.

We have power at the ballot box; we have power at the supermarket.  We have the power to speak out to our elected officials and corporation executives.  However, as well as positive action, we have the power of positive thought.  Rather than living in fear and reinforcing the fear which has been used to divide us, we have the power to be love, think love and act with love in all that we do.

When we do that, when we become the love that we were born to be, we realise that there is nothing really to divide us from each other.  For although we have to take responsibility as individuals, I believe it is only when we can realise that there is no separation between us that we will triumph over fear.   Fear has isolated us and kept us apart.  It has been in the interests of those who profit from this fear to keep us isolated.  Together we can work magic.

This is our true purpose in life – to remember that we are love, and to remind others of that; to remember that we are one, and to remind others of that; to remember that we are magical beings, and to remind others of that.

I am reminded of Neale Donald Walsch’s Tomorrow’s God, in which God explains that “Life is the process of awakening…of simply knowing again that separation never occurred”, and “God exists in, as, and through all things”, and “God is absent from no one and nothing”.  However, “people act in ways that are not beneficial to themselves or others when they have forgotten who they are”.

This is our sole reason for being on this planet, or rather our soul reason – to remember who we really are and to remind others who they are.  This is the reason that any change to the world around us has to start with the individual.  If we are to remind others of their divinity, we first have to remember our own.

So why not join me on this 30 day quest.  I don’t know what the challenges will be each day, but I do know that, as we focus our thoughts on the peaceful world that we wish to cocreate, we are sure to be taking a step, or perhaps 30 steps closer to that world, and in the process reminding ourselves and each other of who we really are.

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