What is God?

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light in the dark

During a dream, I got the idea that my blog this week should be about God.  In the dream, the thoughts flowed logically onto the page, and everything made sense.  It seems a little more difficult now that I’m awake.

Many of us learned at Sunday School that God is Love, yet, there are so many ideas about what God is, that it can be difficult for us to determine which is the real one.  Each religion has a different version, and individuals within and without those religions have slightly different ideas.

I would like to tell you what I believe God is.

I believe that God is the power of love which created this universe and everything in it.  But although God is the creator of this universe, God is also the created.

If you think about it, if prior to the creation of this universe, God was all there was, then, it stands to reason that God created the universe from what was there before.  Therefore, every grain of sand, every star, every plant, every animal, every human being is, not only a creation of God, but, at its essence, is God.

God created the universe so that God may know itself in its entirety.

If you are like me, you now start to ask questions like:
“If God is love, and God is everything and everyone, why are there so many unloving acts perpetrated in this world, even in the name of God?”

The answer is a little complex, yet at its essence, the answer is simple, because the answer to every question is love.

For God so loved the world, that God gave every sentient being free will.  With that free will comes the power to co-create with God.

God knows that, in order to experience oneself as the light, one has to also have the darkness.  For, one can only experience oneself as light when one has darkness in which to shine.  One can only experience oneself as love when seen in comparison to something unloving.

As a sentient part of God, each of us has free will to experience ourselves as any part of the spectrum of love – from darkness to light.  As we are co-creating with God in this universe, each of us is co-creating our experience along with every other part of God in this universe.

Although God is only love, each co-creator in this universe has the free will to co-create their experience of God.  As we evolve spiritually, we tend to co-create towards the more loving end of the spectrum of love, and thus experience God as more loving.

The God of The Old Testament and the God of Islam was experienced as both loving and unloving.  This God was experienced as a being to be both loved and feared.  Whilst this God of duality is evident in The New Testament of The Bible as well, Jesus’ focus on God as Abba (Father) led those of us with loving fathers to experience God as such.

It is my belief that those who hold on to the duality of God – a being to be feared as much as loved – are holding back the evolution of our experience of God, as we co-create our experiences together.

I would much rather believe in the God which Neale Donald Walsch introduced in his Conversations With God books and who is aptly described in Tomorrow’s God.

1.  Tomorrow’s God does not require anyone to believe in God.
2.  Tomorrow’s God is without gender, size, shape, color, or any of the characteristics of an individual living being.
3.  Tomorrow’s God talks with everyone, all the time.
4.  Tomorrow’s God is separate from nothing, but is Everywhere Present, the All in All, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Sum Total of Everything that ever was, is now, and ever shall be.
5.  Tomorrow’s God is not a singular Super Being, but the extraordinary process called Life.
6.  Tomorrow’s God is ever changing.
7.  Tomorrow’s God is needless.
8.  Tomorrow’s God does not ask to be served, but is the Servant of all of Life.
9.  Tomorrow’s God will be unconditionally loving, nonjudgmental, noncondemning, and nonpunishing.

This is the God whom we all can experience, if we so choose.

What sort of experience of God are you co-creating?

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