True Love

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True LoveI watched the old movie, High Society, last night.  You know the one – with Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby playing a divorced couple who end up getting married again, after Grace’s character first has a brief fling with Frank Sinatra’s character, which ends her engagement to another man.

As Grace’s character reminisces about her first honeymoon aboard the boat called True Love, we hear the song of the same name, which my mind kept replaying, long after the movie finished.

For you and I have a guardian angel, on high, with nothing to do

But to give to you and to give to me, love forever true.

This started me thinking.  I already knew I had a guardian angel or two, just waiting around for me to give them things to do.  But I don’t believe that they are “on high”, but rather, close by, always.

I know this, because I have spoken to them.

I know, too, that, just like our creator, the angels give us unconditional love.  I know, because I have felt it.

I used to think that a person had to be special to have angels around them, and definitely if they wanted to talk to them.  A normal person like me surely couldn’t talk to angels, could I?

As I mentioned in my earlier blog, Getting Used To Weird, I and the character in my book, Angela, both learned to talk to angels by reading a book by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie and Andrew Ramer, entitled Ask Your Angels.

By following the exercises in the book, we learned the GRACE process – Grounding, Releasing, Aligning, Conversing and Enjoying.

We learned that it was important to ground ourselves first.  These meditations allowed us to connect to the heavens and the Earth, and to open our chakras.

Releasing came next, and this was the hardest part.  I had to ask the angels for help in releasing emotions which no longer served me – mainly fear.  At that time, I had so many fears – fear that I couldn’t do it, fear that I wouldn’t be talking to the angels, but some other less loving entity, fear that I was unworthy, and many more.  Luckily, it was not necessary for either Angela or I to release every one of our fears before we commenced our conversations, or we never would have commenced, but only those which stood in the way of our conversations.  The main ingredient was to have the intention of releasing, but the angels were always available to help.

The Aligning exercises were meditations which helped us to raise our vibration to be closer to the high vibrations of the angels.  These exercises always left me feeling joyful.

Angela and I both had similar experiences when it came to conversing with our angels.  Sometimes we just tried too hard, and other times, we let our own thoughts get in the way.  As we both became more practised at meditation, we began to experience more and more spaces between our own thoughts, and it was within these spaces that our angels could more easily get through.

It was only after a few years of conversing with the angels, that we realised that our early difficulties with conversations were a result of our forgetting the last part: Enjoying.  We were taking the whole process too seriously. We had thought that these conversations were something special, and we had to treat them as such.  We had forgotten the lesson that the song, True Love, has recently reminded me: We all have guardian angels, and they are all waiting eagerly to talk to us, but also to give us unconditional love.  There was nothing special about these conversations, because we all can do it; we just have to have the intention and confidence in our own abilities.

Our early conversations weren’t all failures though.  Here is one message which Angela received:

“Before you begin to believe, you must first have faith.  Then you will become one with the angels.  If you first believe in yourself, you will become a better listener, and will be among the angels.  The purpose of the new world order is that you will become one with the angels.”

There were a number of times when Angela and I were never quite sure whether we had heard correctly, but realised later that these were attempts by our angels to help us to “lighten up”:

“Love is like a hot poker.”

Angela:  I don’t think that’s right.

“Love is like a beautiful dove.  It flies out and poops on people.”

Angela:  That can’t be right, can it?

“You are a child of God, and love is always present in your life.  You can be your very best person, and love will prevail.  Your love is like a beautiful flower, and you are its petals.  Your love is your connection to the creator and your guides.  Your love is your best weapon against hatred and racism.  Your love is your best weapon against the troubles in your life and others lives.  Your love is your link to the universe.  You can be whatever you want to be.  You can be your true self, and know that love will prevail.  You can sit on the fence and be a pawn, or you can become your own person, and be a voice for love and truth.  You are one with the universe, and love will prevail.  Let love be your guide, and take a leap of faith in the journey of your life.  Be at one with the world and its people.  Be at one with the love of God.  Be at peace.  Your love is like a hot poker.  It is forever glowing and alive.  You are a child of God and know that you are loved.  Be at peace.”

There were many more conversations, which I could relate to you, but my aim is not to tell you what my angels told me, or what Angela’s angels told her, but to let you know that, with love, anything is possible

If you focus on your love, hold the intention to talk to your angels, and have faith in your abilities to do so, you, too, can be a voice for the angels, and help to lead us into the new world order which they spoke of.

There may be some preparatory steps which you need to go through, but your angels and guides will lead you to whatever you need.  Alternatively, with sufficient faith in your abilities, your conversations may be possible as soon as you confirm your intention.

Why not make this your New Year’s resolution: to focus on love, and talk to your angels?  You can make 2014 a year of the angels, a year filled with True Love.


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