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I read the book, Tomorrow’s God, by Neale Donald Walsch, a few years ago, and I picked it up again recently to confirm something that I was writing about.  As I started flipping through the pages, I began reading the book once more, from cover to cover.

This book contains some dire warnings from God:

“Life is functional, adaptable, and sustainable.  When it moves toward the edge of functionality – when it cannot function much longer the way it is going – it adapts.  Life on earth is about to adapt.  It cannot go on like it is.  Something is going to have to change, and it will.  Life will not let Life down.  It will adapt.

…This adaptation could take the form of Life changing dramatically from the way you have known it on your planet, with your civilization’s best days behind it (things are already moving in that direction)”.

It does suggest, however, that, instead: “it could take the form of the complete transformation of your planet, with its people living together in a new way, retaining the best of yesterday and wrapping it in the highest hopes for tomorrow – in which case your civilization’s best days will lie ahead.”

This transformation would lead us to a future world, which Tomorrow’s God has dubbed the New Spirituality.

I realised that we are getting close to crunch time, now.

It is up to each one of us to choose which future we wish to see on our planet.  Gone are the days when we can just go along with the crowd, not really worrying about the final destination to which it is leading us.  Gone are the days when we can rely on our religious leaders, our politicians, or even our spouses or parents to determine our future.  Each one of us must choose, and choose in each moment of time.

Each moment of time offers us an opportunity to be the person who we really are.  Each moment of time offers us an opportunity to act in the way that such a person would act.  Each moment in time offers us an opportunity to choose which future we wish to be part of, and to work towards that future in all that we think, say, and do.

In order to get to such a place, however, we may first have to let go of beliefs which we have accumulated from our parents and our society.

As Tomorrow’s God reminds us, the focus of our education systems, particularly those with narrow curriculum bases such as madrassas, is to create children who are duplicates of the generation which went before.  We are creating a world of lemmings which are following their parents to the brink of extinction.

We would do well to change our beliefs to those more in keeping with what Tomorrow’s God tells us will be the focus of education in the New Spirituality – Creation Education.

“You are One with everyone and everything in the Universe – including God. All things are part of One Living System.

Because you are One with God, you have the power to create what you wish to experience in your life.

The way you create is by what you think, say, and do.

It is not possible to make a mistake in the process of creation, and failure is an illusion. Everything that you create is perfect just as it is – including you.

When you create, you are fulfilling the purpose of your life, because creating is how you grow and evolve, and that is what you and all living things are on earth to do.

Life itself is your greatest teacher, and it has built-in consequences, but never punishments. Punishment is not a part of God’s plan, and has no place in God’s Kingdom.  Learning was always meant to be easy – it is actually a process of remembering what your soul has always known.  This kind of “learning” will be joyful when you use the experience that you are now having to remember as much as you can about Life.  Then you will remember what you need to remember when you need to remember it to make life work in the future.

Try to never harm another person, place, or thing in any way, but only to help others and love them as best you can, especially when they have made a mistake or done something wrong. If you can do this, you will create a friend of just about everyone you know, and when you need one, you will never be without one.

There is enough for everyone. It takes very little to be happy, and the fastest way to create happiness for yourself is to create happiness for another.

Your very best friend is Life Itself, because it never ends. When the portion of your life that you spend on earth is over, there will be no “Judgement Day”, no condemnation, and no punishment, but simply an opportunity for you to review your life and decide whether, as you go on to other adventures, you wish to choose again when confronted with similar circumstances.  Choice is the process by which you evolve, and ultimately experience Who You Really Are.”

From Tomorrow’s God, we learn that, “in the days of the New Spirituality, the priority of education will no longer be the dissemination of facts, but the increasing of sensitivity and awareness and understanding and compassion and acceptance and celebration of and appreciation for the awe and wonder of Life”.

Why not start there.

Start by noticing life in all of its forms on this planet.  Notice the trees, the grass underfoot, the ant crawling up a plant, the butterfly flitting past, the bird flying overhead.  Be aware of your impact on all of these creatures – the ants you crush underfoot, the trees you fell to construct a house or a school or a railway line, the multitude of life living in each of those trees, and dying with each one felled.  Understand the suffering caused to every creature with your food choices.  Show compassion for all those who suffer at your hand, and at the hand of other humans.  Accept those who are different from you, and celebrate and appreciate their life and yours.

Life can be joyful in our future, but in order to create a joyful future, we have to change the way we view Life.  Tomorrow’s God tells us that Life is another name for God.  We need to see all of life on this planet as God.  Perhaps then, we will remember to show understanding, compassion, acceptance, celebration of and appreciation for all life on this planet.

Once we have come to a place where we can do that, we urgently need to begin to educate our children and our grandchildren, before our society produces more and more lemmings, all heading towards the abyss which we have created.

Which future will you choose?

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