There Is No Order Of Difficulty In Miracles

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I am getting closer to the end of my study of the text of A Course in Miracles.  Although I can’t say that I have enjoyed every minute of it, I have been filled with joy for most of my time in studying it.  It has brought up some issues in me that need release, and at times I have been confused about it, but after just about finishing it, I am starting to put everything more into context.

My main lesson at the moment is in healing.

All sickness is of the mind.  The body has no means to make itself sick.  It is not in control of your life; you are.  But who is the “you” in that sentence?

When your mind was created, it was created as a whole mind, which is one with the mind of God.  In choosing separation from God, as we did when we thought we left the Garden of Eden, we created a separation within our minds between the mind of God in one part of our mind, and the other part of the mind which we created as our ego.  All conflict in our lives and in our world comes from this separation.

Miracles and healing are synonymous.

Whenever we heal another being, we are creating a miracle.  A miracle is a demonstration of the fact that we are one with each other.  As we demonstrate this, we are thinking as God thinks, and as we think as God thinks, we are focusing our minds on the God-mind within us, making us forget about what our egos have been telling us – that we are separate, that we are vulnerable, that there is something to fear everywhere we look.

As we focus our minds on our God-mind, we begin to see others in the same light in which God sees them – in the perfection in which they were created.  This light then reflects back to us, and we notice that we, too, are made of that same stuff – the light of God.

The Course says that we cannot find the Kingdom of God alone.  We need to see the reflection of God in our brothers and sisters before there is light enough to see it in ourselves.  Once we see the light of God in all of God’s creation, including ourselves, we understand that we cannot really live in the Kingdom of God without our brothers and sisters, because we are one with them.  The Kingdom of God is not a place out there, but a place within our minds where we are one with God completely.

Whenever we perceive any part of God’s creation as separate – as better or worse than us – we are emphasising the separation in our own minds between the ego part and the God part.  All miracles and all healing narrows the gap which we perceive between ourselves and others, and it narrows the gap in our minds, bringing our mind closer to wholeness.

The ego identifies with the body because it strengthens our belief that we are not of God and are vulnerable.  As we identify with the body, we strengthen the ego, because we are moving our mind further away from the God-part.  As we see others as a body, we are denying their oneness with God.

The power of God is in us all.  Is it possible for God to be sick?  Sickness is only possible if we believe that we are separate from God.  Healing is a reminder of the power of God within us.

It allows us to forget the fear that the ego has taught us.  When fear is released, we automatically become aware of love, for that is what we are and that is all that exists.  As we become aware of the love within us, we remember what we are.  We begin to remember that we are one with God, and as we remember, our thoughts of love attract more like it and our mind is becoming closer to the whole that God created in love.

The other important lesson of the Course is:

There is no order of difficulty in miracles.

To think that miracles can be limited is to think that God can be limited, which is impossible.  However, this is what we think every day when we perceive others or ourselves as suffering from any sickness.  This is only an error in perception.  We can change our perception by changing our thoughts.

If we can perceive every person and creature on the planet as perfect as God created them, we must perceive them as completely healed and without fear.  There is no fear where God resides, as fear is a perception of lack of love, so any perception of fear is a perception of a separation from God.

God has gifted us all with the Holy Spirit, the Christ-mind in each of us, which reminds us of our oneness with God.  It is only the Spirit which understands the lessons which each of us needs to learn in order to remember our oneness with God.  It therefore asks us to allow it to teach us in whatever way it sees fit, but that way will always lead to joy.

What we might find, however, is that the healing we wish for another takes a form which, with our confused mind, we are unable to perceive.  At the time of the miracle, however, we are able to perceive the recipient of the miracle in all of their God-given perfection.

We are asked not to judge others, because, as we judge others, we are judging ourselves.  Judgement is always of the ego.  Judgement is a way of placing an order into everything.  The ego judges everything according to how it is affected or how it thinks it will be.

It decides that some things are worth having and others are to be avoided.  It does the same with people and creatures and any situations we find ourselves in.  Some are worthy of what it thinks is love and others are worthy of its hate and attack.

When we start to believe in miracles, we begin to understand that we have no need of judgement.  All situations, people, creatures and things are always working together in God’s divine plan, whether they understand it or not.  If we can perceive everyone and everything with our God-mind, we perceive all situations, people, creatures and things with love, and as love, as God is all in all, and God is love.

This is not to say that if everyone acted according to their God-mind, that things would turn out the same as they have done, but rather that the Holy Spirit in all of us is always working towards God and with God.

The Spirit in all of us is that part of us which sees only love, and it is our love, which is God’s love, which we are extending when we heal another, or create a miracle.

If we all understood the power of our minds to extend love and to heal, imagine the miracles which we would see unfolding in this world we have created.

Let us not allow our ego-minds to limit the work the Holy Spirit would have us do.  Let each one of us perceive each situation, each person, each creature, and each thing as a gift from God and that will be what they become.  Let us perceive everyone as healed, and know that even if their outer appearance doesn’t change, a miracle has taken place within their mind, which has healed and become one with us, with God, and all of his creation.  As we acknowledge this miracle healing in the other, we too, are healed.

Today’s Lesson:

  1. Give healing and you are healed.
  2. Be the change you wish to see in the world, as the world you perceive is a reflection of the world you project.
  3. Remember your magnificence and the magnificence of all around you.
  4. See only love, for that is all there is.
  5. Be only love, for that is your true identity.

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