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I had a difficult week.  Nothing seemed to go right first time and I seemed to be very busy doing things I’d rather not be doing.  I kept encountering situations which made me either angry or upset.

It all came to a head yesterday when I finally overcame all of the computer problems I had had, and I cried and cried with racking sobs, which left me wondering where all of this emotion had come from.  I was hoping that was the end of all of my dramas, but my dog, Cassie had other ideas.

During our late afternoon walk, my sweet old puppy decided to roll in the most foul-smelling stuff I had ever smelt, so after a day of drama, I unleashed a lot of anger on my foul-smelling sweetheart, until I scrubbed her with hose and doggy shampoo.

Sometime later…..could I still smell her, or was that my imagination?  Oh no!  I was contaminated!  I had to change my clothes and wash my hair, that I now remembered wiping out of my eyes as I cleaned my darling dog.

I think all of my anger was discarded along with my clothes.  At last, I could sit and relax with a cup of tea and consider why my day had yielded such chaos.

I remembered Doreen Virtue’s Angel Card reading for the week, which showed the Release card (from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards deck) for the middle of the week.  The card from my weekly reading for the middle of the week (from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards deck) told me to Look Deeper into the situation.

Having understood that release was necessary, I hadn’t become too worried when emotions started flowing from me.  Looking deeper into the situation, I knew that there was more to my week than met the eye.

As I looked deeper into the situation, I started to look at life differently.

We, physical beings, tend to get upset if everything doesn’t run smoothly and we feel like we are not achieving our physical aims.  We forget that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, rather than the other way around.

We forget that we have spiritual goals as well as physical ones, and spiritual goals always trump the physical ones.

As I looked deeper into the situation, I was reminded of the quote from the Tao Te Ching that appeared on Dr Wayne Dyer’s Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life perpetual calendar on Tuesday.

To know the Way, understand the great within yourself.

When we act from that part of us which is great within ourselves, we will only act towards the highest good of All That Is.

When we understand that part of ourselves, we understand that that same greatness resides in every part of the universe, every part of the Way (of the Tao).  It resides in every human, every dog (even the foul-smelling ones), every computer (even those which refuse to cooperate) – everything.

When we understand this greatness, we understand that the Way, the universe, is always working towards the highest good of All That Is, including each of us.

I started to reflect on what good might have come out of my chaotic week.

I did learn a lot more about the computer programs that were giving me trouble, as I discovered how to fix them.  I knew that I had released a lot of emotion that had built up in my body, as I cried with deep racking sobs.  I wondered if the release of my anger towards my dog was also beneficial in a similar, yet unidentified manner.

We may never know what the highest good is in our own lives.  In other words, we may never know the reason that seemingly “bad” things happen, and we don’t always need to know.  We only need to know that it is always happening for the highest good of all concerned.

If we can’t always know the reason for such events in our own lives, we certainly can never judge the reason for events which happen in other people’s lives, as we are wont to do.

What we can know, however, is that those people have the same greatness within them as you do, and have the same ability to get to know the Way by understanding their own greatness.

Those people, or foul-smelling dogs, who upset us, or make us angry, are acting as “Friendly Souls” for us – providing us with opportunities to practise our divinity.

Once we know the Way, we know that everything that happens in our lives is always happening in divine order.  Once we understand the great within ourselves, we understand that greatness is in every person and in every situation we encounter.

How did you spend your week?  Did you, too, have emotions to release?  Can you identify the lessons you learned – both physical and spiritual ones?

I would love to hear how your week went, and if you came to know the Way a little better because of it.


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