The Sea And Me

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I’ve just been enjoying a swim at the beach, and really appreciating the water, the sea breeze, and my body, which allowed me to swim.  I realised that, like most people, I normally tend to take all these things for granted.

The sea has always been there and always will be, won’t it?

Well, maybe, but will it always be suitable for swimming?

We know that there are so many pieces of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean, they have become a real threat to our wildlife.  On our local beach, there are always drink bottles, plastic bags, and any imaginable assortment of other plastic rubbish which washes up on a daily basis.  Even before I entered the water for my swim, I had to remove a small bucket and a plastic bait bag from the shallow water lapping the shore.

How many times do we see litter lying on the footpath or in the gutter, and neglect to pick it up, thinking that someone else will take care of it?  Our storm water all ends up in the ocean, and our neglect is contributing to the problem.

We, humans, are having a detrimental effect on the oceans in other, less obvious ways, as well.

Traumatic fishing methods have devastated fish stocks in many parts of the world, and had dramatic effects on all sorts of other sea creatures.  What long-term effects this might have on the marine ecosystems is anyone’s guess.

Run-off from farms is pouring large amounts of nutrients and chemicals into our seas, due to livestock effluent, and the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides.  This has been identified as the cause of the over-population of Crown-of-thorns Starfish on the Great Barrier Reef, which is causing unprecedented devastation to the coral reefs, and consequently those creatures which depend on them.  Whilst the causes of these starfish outbreaks have been widely studied, what other consequences might this run-off be causing without anyone being aware of it?

As for my body, I guess that is slowly deteriorating, as I age not-so-gracefully towards my senior years.

But what can I do about all of these things?

Firstly, I can appreciate this beautiful planet and all that it offers.  Instead of taking for granted all of the wonders of the planet, like its glorious seas, I can thank God every day for their existence, and for their preservation in a pristine condition, along with all those creatures who live in them.

Likewise, I can thank God, for my body and my good health, which provide me all of my senses in good working order, and the full use of all of my limbs.

This gratitude will see the Law of Attraction ensuring the universe provides me with the ability to continue to appreciate them into the future.

Secondly, in realising my appreciation for these gifts, I become passionate about taking action steps to help the universe out, by bringing these issues to your attention, by eating organic vegan foods, and by ceasing to neglect that litter in the gutter.

My body, too, benefits from these choices, and from the exercise I am now determined to lovingly provide it.

I know it is easy to think negative thoughts about our ability to improve our planet, and ourselves.  What can one person do?

One person can make a difference.  One person can be a shining light that others are drawn to follow.  One person can be the beginning of a large snowball of love which overtakes the world.

I can help the universe consciously, but the universe also uses us unconsciously to achieve our desires, which can be illustrated by a story.

We have new neighbours, who are passionate about fishing.  I remember thinking that I was happy that they got so much pleasure from this activity, but as a vegan, I wished that there was some way that they could realise the same pleasure from some other pursuit – maybe they could do some snorkelling and learn to admire the fish, instead of eating them.

When I was walking into the water for my swim, I noticed that one of the neighbour’s kids was standing in the water, fishing.  I put on my mask and snorkel to go for my swim; I wasn’t really expecting to see any fish, but I have found it easier to swim without getting sunburnt, if I remain face-down in the water.

After a while I turned around and noticed that the fisherboy was no longer there.  Not really sure of the reason, I made my way out of the water, and settled myself to sit and enjoy the sea view.

To my surprise, the two kids and their father appeared wearing masks and snorkels and proceeded to enjoy the snorkelling that I had wished for them.  Not long afterwards, the youngest boy popped his head up and shouted: “Hey Mum, I saw a whiting.”

I know this can all be put down to coincidence, and the boy’s obvious excitement may have been due to his imagining that fish on the end of his line, but I believe that the universe used me as an example to help achieve my aims.

I had debated with myself about whether to use the snorkelling equipment, as it is not a snorkelling beach, and I thought I may be ridiculed, but I have been trying not to worry about what others think of me, and trying to follow my own inner guidance, regardless.  I was so glad that I did.  The boy’s excitement at seeing a fish was all the reward that I needed.

One person can make a difference, and you do.  You are a shining light, providing an example to children and other adults, alike.

I would leave you with a couple of questions to ponder?

What sort of planet do you want to leave for your children and your grandchildren?


What example do you want to be to others?

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