The Light of God

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My blog last week about God left me eager for further clarity on the subject.

During my meditation one night, I asked God to provide this clarity.  I wanted to understand a bit more about the relationship between God and It’s creation, and also to understand why we often don’t experience that relationship in ourselves or see it experienced by others.

pink floyd spectrumI was shown a beautiful beam of bright white light coming down from heaven and entering a prism, which then broke the light up into the spectrum of colours which shone forth from the prism. (It looked a bit like the Pink Floyd album cover shown here, except the light was much brighter, and coming downwards to the prism instead of sideways.)

I was allowed to understand that this was merely an allegoric representation which would allow us to understand God a little more – the pure white light was the light of God, and each ray of the spectrum represented each one of us, each part of God’s creation.

Although the light of God is expressed as each of the individuals in It’s creation, the Source of that light is not made up of its creation.  The Source exists regardless of the expression of It’s light.

As we go within to experience God, we are focusing our attention back through the prism towards the light of God.  If we are experiencing darkness in our lives, it is because we are focusing our attention away from the light of God.  We are looking in the wrong direction.

So then I wanted to know how we can experience the God-self in others.  I was then shown a waxing moon – with one side dark and one side lit by the light of the sun.

waxing moonWhen we look at others from a distance, we have a choice of which side of them we want to focus on.  We can focus on the light side or the dark side.

However, some people only show us their dark side and their light side is hidden from everyone, including themselves.  There is still a way that we can see their light side, but it takes some work on our part.

We must focus our light onto them.  As they begin to see the light of God through us, they start to look for it in themselves.  They come to understand that there is more to life than the darkness.  As they begin the search for light within themselves, God helps them find it.

For that is all it takes to find the light of God within – the smallest inkling of desire.  God looks after the rest.

I was delighted after this meditation, not only to have been given all of this information, but to have realised that I am clairvoyant.  Previously, I would have considered myself to be more clairaudient, and clairvoyance was a skill of which I only had rare glimpses.  This meditation allowed me to experience a skill which I had hoped to develop more fully.

I was so grateful for all of this information and for this experience.

I would love to discuss your views on the allegory of God which I experienced, but also to hear of any experiences you may have had during meditation.

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