The Lesson Of The Bandage

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bandaged cassie

I often hear the term, ‘teach what you need to learn’.  So, in the hopes that this actually works, I wanted to teach you what I need to learn.

As many of you know, my dog, Cassie, has had her foot in a bandage for over a month now, after having an abscess on her toe.  Every time we go to the vet, I think: “Today will be the day the bandage comes off”.  But every time to date, I have been disappointed.

I have lost count of the number of times we have been back to the specialist vet – 40 minutes away.

It’s not just me.  Everyone is over it.  Cassie started biting and ripping at the last bandage in an effort to remove it herself.

With the heavy dew in the mornings, it is necessary to cover the bandage with a plastic bag whenever she goes out.  The trouble is: Cassie likes to go out and lie in the sun, then come in and lie inside, then go out and lie in the sun, then come in and lie inside, then go out and lie in the sun…..  You get the picture.  Our days have been spent putting on a plastic bag and taking it off, and when she’s lying inside, keeping an eye on her to stop her endlessly licking at the bandage.

You may ask: “Why not leave the plastic bag on?”  But that would make life too easy, because the foot needs to breathe.

After the vet replaced the bandage again on Friday, I ended up asking my angels why this situation is going on and on.

The answer came: “Before you can change a situation, you first have to accept it.  Cassie’s foot is in a different situation now, than it was when it started, so it is necessary to accept the changing situation, and then work to change it.”

I told them that I had trouble getting my head around this.  How can we maintain positive thoughts around a desired outcome if we accept the situation as it is?  “I don’t get it.”

The answer came:  “I know.  But now that you have accepted the situation, it is sure to get better.”

I had learned this lesson once before and wrote about it in my book, Getting Used to Weird, but back then it was about our financial situation:

Angela knew that their business was one thing she wanted to ask for help with.  They were barely keeping their heads above water and nothing they did seemed to help.  It had been a long time since Angela had spoken to her guardian angel, Abno, but she thought of him/her and wondered if there was anything Abno could do to help them.

Angela:  Can you please help me to find a way to get out of debt quickly – for both our business and ourselves.

Abno:  Angela, you need to accept the situation as you find it, before you can change it.  Accept your indebtedness as part of your life.  Embrace that part of your life and cherish it.  There are lessons there for you, as in all parts of your life.  Once you have accepted your life as it is, it will begin to change automatically.

Angela:  How does one accept being in debt?

Abno:  One must believe in the power of the universe to relieve you of your debt and to create the kind of reality one desires.  You need to believe in your own creative abilities also.  But first, love the life you have now.  The indebtedness is worth cherishing, just as much as any other condition you find yourself in.

Angela:  I sort of understand that.  Are you saying that I can love my life no matter what?  I would prefer things to be different, but the way that things are now is acceptable and loveable.  Because no matter what condition my life is in, I am always connected to God.  I always have your help and the help of my guides.  And quite frankly, I am invincible no matter what happens to me.  Is that what you are saying?

Abno:  Yes Angela.  That is exactly what I am saying.  Well done.

This reminds me of another angel message which I read about in the book,  Angel Messages From the Beyond – The Complete Book of Answers, by Juan Nakamori.

There is nothing in this world that is not worth
Beautiful things, ugly things, petty things,
New things, outdated things,
Praise that feels pleasant to the ear,
Good news, health or illness,
Hard work, the kind-hearted, and even the egotistical:
All are to be cherished.
From that which can be touched and seen,
To the intangible and the invisible,
If you relate to every person, to every thing
And to every situation that arises in your life
Resolutely and with a cherishing mind,
All will become precious, valuable and worthy.
Instead of disliking, running away from, and hating;
Instead of ignoring, criticising and despising;
If you observe calmly from a broader perspective,
You will begin to see all things differently.
True meaning – that which has been hidden until now
Will then be revealed to you.
Because, when you see through the mind’s eye of your True Self,
Whatever is no longer necessary for you
Will no longer bother you,
And will disappear from your sight.
Through cherishing the people things and situations in your life,
You cherish and nurture your True Self.

So, this month-long lesson of the bandage has been a lesson about cherishing and nurturing my true self.  I wish I could say it all made sense now.  I guess if I had mastered all of my lessons, I would no longer be here on this Earth.

I would love to hear about any insights you have about this.  Have you had this lesson before?  Have you mastered it yet?

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