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Last weekend I was at “I Am Light” with Dr Wayne Dyer and Anita Moorjani.  I had a wonderful weekend, and felt myself getting lighter after listening to all of their lessons, particularly the meditation.

I had heard Wayne speak a number of times before, and read many of his books, and Anita’s book, Dying To Be Me, had had a real impact on me, as it did on most people who have read it.  Although I had already learned a lot from these two, there was a lot more left to learn.

I’m sure you have heard of Wayne Dyer, as he has written dozens of books, and has been a spiritual teacher for decades.  Perhaps you may not have heard of Anita Moorjani.

In her book, Anita tells the story of when she had a “near death experience” (NDE).  She was in a coma, as her organs began to shut down during her end-stage cancer.  Miraculously, she returned from that coma and her body was healed within a few weeks of this experience.  She had realised that not loving herself had led her to the situation that allowed her to develop cancer, and her short time in the other realm where she had her NDE had allowed her to understand her magnificence, and the magnificence of every other person on the planet.

One of the experiences which she related so vividly, on the stage, was the understanding she was given of the lives we live, and that which we could live.  She said it was like a warehouse which we enter in the dark, with only a small flashlight to find the things we want and need in life.  We think that what we can see with our small flashlight is all that is available to us in this life, but what she saw during her NDE was that we can have the light turned on.  When we have the warehouse light turned on, we see that the warehouse is vast.  It goes for as far as the eye can see in every direction and it is filled with millions of shelves.  This is really the choices available to us, if only we could see.

Wayne introduced me to The Impersonal Life, a channelled book by Joseph S Benner.

This little book is authored by You and Me.  It is authored by “that part of you who IS and KNOWS.


“that part of you who says I AM and is I AM.”

By “ your Divine SELF.”

This book had me in tears by the end of the second of its short chapters.  I was overwhelmed with awe in some places, filled with fear in others.  I felt anger, and love, and yearning.  I held some parts close to my heart, and rejected other parts with force, just as I had rejected the God of Wrath of the Old Testament, in last week’s blog.

Just as I knew that the way to come to know this Divine SELF within, was to:

“Be still! – and KNOW – I AM – God”,

I also knew that my Tomorrow’s God is not the one who “commands and demands of your mortal self implicit obedience”.

For as we learned last week: “For who shall I command?”  “There is only ME.”

Yet, I knew that it was true that we can often feel, just as Wayne had, that we are “but pawns on the chess-board of life”, being moved around at the whim of some greater power.

This Impersonal force, which animates all of creation – which opens the flower bud, which cracks open the shell of a hatchling, which beats the heart of every living being, and breathes its Life into every lung – this Impersonal Love “considers not individuals or personalities”, but it does love each and every one of them.

It loves all of its creation equally, and It is expressing Its Love through all of Its creation, if we allow It to.

For God has given us all free will.  It has allowed us to choose if we wish to be an expression of Its Love or not.  Yet it is true that God keeps providing us with opportunities to be that expression.

We are created in the image and the likeness of God, not in Its physical image, but in its spiritual image.  We have within us the same creative power with which God creates worlds.

The Impersonal Life tells us: “This will, which you call your will…is but that small portion of My Will which I permit the personal you to use. Just as fast as you awaken to a recognition of a certain power or faculty within you and begin consciously to use it, do I allow you that much more of My Infinite Power.

All power and its use is but so much recognition and understanding of the use of My Will.

Your will and all your powers are only phases of My Will, which I supply to suit your capacity to use it.

Were I to entrust you with the full power of My Will before you know how consciously to use it, it would annihilate your body entirely.”

We are creating all the time, but often unconsciously.  When we learn to consciously create, we are more likely to use that power to be an expression of God’s Love.  As we learn to do that, our power increases proportionately.

As we learn to “Be still! – and KNOW – I AM – God”, we can begin to develop a Friendship With God.  Neale Donald Walsch told us about that in the book of that name.

In this book, we learn that the first step towards having a friendship with God is to Know God.  When we understand that to know God, we first have to know the I AM within ourselves, we are on our way to having a friendship with God, and as Neale Donald Walsch discovered, this means having a friendship with ourselves.

This is the lesson which Anita learned in her NDE.  If we wish to be a true friend to God, we first need to be a true friend to ourselves.  We have to learn to love ourselves, for it is only when we have learned to love the I AM within ourselves, that we are in a position to acknowledge and love the I AM in all others.

This first step on the path to a friendship with God, is a huge step.  There is so much to know, yet, as The Impersonal Life tells us, your I AM Self “KNOWS ALL THINGS”.  There is nothing to learn when you are truly in touch with your I AM Self.  This is the part of you that just knows.

When we finally understand what it really means to know God, I AM, we can begin to easily follow the other six steps to a friendship with God:

Trust God

Love God

Embrace God

Use God

Help God

Thank God

God explains that we can use these same steps to make friends with anyone.  As we come to know the I AM within ourselves and then within others, we can then trust them, love them, embrace them, use them, help them, and thank them.

I thank God for being my friend during this Impersonal Life, and I thank God for bringing me all of these wonderful gifts of events, people, and books, that remind me who I AM.

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