The Divine Ego

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By the time I sit in front of my computer each week to write my blog, I usually know what it is going to be about.  I usually receive some inspiration in the form of a song, or a thought appears in my mind whilst meditating, or just while I’m going about my work around the house.

This morning, I had a thought of what to write about, but immediately thought: “No, I can’t write about that.”

So, I sat here in front of the computer waiting for something else to come to me, only to realise that if I was to wait for something else, I would be waiting a long time.

Wayne Dyer has often said that, when he writes his books, he knows that a force greater than himself is writing them.  Could this apply to everything we do?

We all have free will of which thoughts we respond to and what our response might be, but have you ever wondered where our thoughts come from?

Could it be that all of our original thoughts come from God, regardless of what they are about?

As I learned from A Course in Miracles, we have within each of us an ego mind and a Christ mind.  Could it be that when we respond to any thought with our Christ mind, we become more Christ-like, and attract more and more thoughts which are in keeping with that direction of thought?  And similarly, when we respond to any thought with our ego mind, we become more focused on worldly concerns and fears, and in so doing attract more and more thoughts which take us in that direction?

Most spiritual people understand that words of inspiration, consolation, and answers to prayers can come from anywhere, from anyone.  If we accept this as fact, then we have to accept that each one of us can be a voice for the divine.  If we accept that as fact, we have to accept that at least some of our thoughts are coming from the divine.

A Course in Miracles tells us that we can either listen to the Voice for God (the Holy Spirit) or the ego’s voice.  It tells us that it is possible, even in this world, to hear only the Voice for God and no other, but that it takes effort and great willingness to learn. (T-5.II.3)

Believing that everything in this universe is God’s creation, I am led to believe that even our egos and the thoughts that emanate from them are also God’s creation.

This doesn’t mean that we should be any less determined to provide the “effort and great willingness to learn” to only hear the Voice for God; it just provides us with a little more confidence that everything is happening in divine order.  For even though we always have free will of what and how to respond to our ego thoughts, we can feel confident that every thought, regardless of its character, will eventually lead to our spiritual growth.

We tend to think of our thoughts in terms of a spectrum from bad at one end to good at the other end, and this would relate to our ego at one end and our Christ mind at the other.  However, what if the entire spectrum is of God?  Wouldn’t that allow us to cut ourselves a little more slack?

We can always ask that we only hear the Voice for God; we can ask always for God’s will to be done.  When we have a thought that we consider as bad, we can easily cancel its effects by letting it pass, and immediately thinking the word “LOVE”.  Love trumps everything, overrides everything.  Love is the power of God within your mind, and within all things.

However, even when we know we have listened to and acted only from the ego, we can look back and know that, here too, God was with us.

So, what was the thought I had about what to write about?

I was thinking about the two glasses of wine I had last night, which I knew afterwards was one too many.

My spiritual growth has resulted in my becoming more sensitive to all sorts of things: chemicals in my food, other people’s feelings, stress, alcohol.

Last night I was feeling stressed after a day at work, coming home in stop-start traffic, and then remembering I had a couple of hours of work to do when I got home.

I realised this morning that last night I could have used meditation to calm my thoughts and relieve my stress, but last night a relaxing glass of wine, and then a second, was the only remedy that came to mind.  (Hindsight always works well.)  Although I am not averse to having a glass of wine socially, I am loathe to allow it to become a drug to dull my emotions and the messages which my body is trying to deliver to me.

If I consider that the thought to have an alcoholic drink came from my ego, I can know, in hindsight, that thinking “LOVE” may have brought me either sufficient relief from my stress, or further thoughts which may have led me to meditate instead.

This may have been the response that my Christ mind may have delivered, but having followed my ego mind, could it be that God has found a way to use my ego response to remind me to think “LOVE” in future, and to remind you.

Even though I may have chosen wrongly in listening to my ego mind, once I start listening to my Christ mind, the Voice for God, there is always a positive outcome, even if sometimes I may not see it.

In fact, there is always a positive outcome to everything, however it may only be on the spiritual level, and we might have to wait till our life review to understand what it was.

So, if you have a thought that you think of as bad, try thinking “LOVE” instead, and see what happens.  If you look back on something that you have said or done, and recognise your ego, consider asking what positive outcome can come from this.

And always remember that you are divine, no matter what you think or do.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and what happened if you tried it.


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    Hi, I just had a message come through about the DIVINE EGO…. Then was led to google those words and your blog was the one I chose to read. Thank you for being here✨🙏✨

    Love to you

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