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This is what came through from the angels this morning:

Lorelle, we are here to tell you a story that you can use in your blog.

The story is about a little girl who grows up to be a woman.

It starts with the girl being born.  She is filled with joy, and is a joy to her parents and the rest of her family.

As she grows, she explores the world around her.  She finds some things that are dangerous.  She finds the hot water in a tap, and the hard floor when she falls.

Her parents try to protect her from everything dangerous: “Don’t touch that.”  “Don’t fall down, because it will hurt.”

She learns about all the dangers in the world:  “Don’t talk to strangers.”  “Don’t run, or you might slip.”  “Don’t climb trees, or you might fall.”

She soon finds that all the things she wants to try, to experience, are forbidden her.

So, she conforms to the life that her parents have framed for her, outside of which is danger.  But as she grows, she becomes more and more depressed, less and less joyful.  The frame, in which she is confined, is blocking out her joy.

When she is older, she is so used to the frame of her life, she thinks that it is normal. She is so used to the depression, she thinks that is what life is.

However, one day she wakes up and sees a world outside the frame.  She has the strongest urge to step outside the frame, known as her comfort zone, because she knows that her life purpose, her destiny, lies outside.

Yet, she is frightened.  How can she step outside this comfort zone and survive, when she has been taught that outside is only danger?

She spends years working up the courage to take baby steps outside that comfort zone.  In the end, she finally has the courage to step outside, then to stride outside, and soon she discovers that outside the frame, known as her comfort zone, there is a life filled with freedom, joy, love, and all the wonderful experiences of life, which she had been denying herself.

How might her life have been different, had she grown up without fear?  How might her life have been different, if she had never been confined within a frame?  How might her life have been different, if her comfort zone included everything within the universe, if she was not afraid of any experience?

There are ways to make your children aware of the dangers in life, without making them afraid of them, and without confining them within a frame.

You can start by telling your children that there is nothing to fear in this world or the next.  All of life can be embraced.  All of life can be a joy.  Every being on the planet can be looked at with love – from the slithering snake to the large polar bear, from the child in the sandbox with the different coloured skin, to the grown man standing before them in the street.

Teach your children, not of stranger danger, but of their inner strength.  Teach them that if they ever encounter a situation they are uncomfortable with, they should run away, or scream.

Teach them that they have the means within themselves to know whether any experience will be beneficial or not.  They have the means within, to know whether a person is trustworthy or not.  Help them to develop their inner knowledge, with which they are born.  Instead of being told who is to be trusted and who is not by an outside authority, tell them that they are born with this ability.

When we teach our children to disregard their inner compass, and only listen to outside authority, they forget what their inner compass is trying to tell them.  Far better to help them to improve their natural instincts, which are designed to keep them out of harm’s way.

But also, remember that every soul came into this world to experience certain things in life, and to help others to experience certain things in life.  You cannot know what your child’s soul has come here to experience.

It is possible they may have come here to experience just those things you have been taught are dangerous.

Perhaps your child wants to grow up to be a mountain climber.  How will they ever learn to be that, if they are never allowed to climb anything higher than one foot above the ground?

You can help your child find safe ways to do things, without ever learning to fear them.  A child can learn to look both ways when crossing the road, without ever being afraid of being run over.

It is not necessary to instill fear, in order to keep your child safe.

I know that parents think they are doing the right thing by explaining the dangers, because that is what their parents did for them.

You end up with a planet filled with people afraid to move from their own homes, people who are afraid to talk to their neighbours, afraid to live the life that they were born to live.

When you tell your child to listen to what their parents and teachers tell them to do, and ignore their inner guidance, you end up with a planet filled with depressed people, unable to fulfill their destiny.

The answer is love.  The answer is to go within, to find your own inner guidance, and allow that to help you guide your child.  But remember that every child is a child of God, with their own internal guidance.

You can assist your children to practise relying on their inner guidance to explore the world.

You can remind them that they all have spiritual helpers; their angels and guides are always available to help them, even if they can’t see them, which most young children can.

Tell your children to trust their inner guidance, their angels and guides, and the universe, to always keep them safe.  But if they ever encounter a situation where they don’t feel safe, they can always call on their angels to protect them, and their guides to help them find a solution.

There is nothing to fear in this world, or the next.  Your children are born with this knowledge.  Sometimes you just have to allow them to experience the world without a safety net.

This can be hard for parents who have been raised in fear, because they see fear wherever they look.  But your child, walking across that high tight rope without a safety net below, is really walking with an angel either side of her, and a belief that she is unlimited, which is the truth, until you or your society teaches her otherwise.

By instilling limited beliefs in your child, you are removing her safety net.


I would love to hear your thoughts on what the angels have advised.


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    What we fear or are against we enable.

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