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Last night I watched the movie, Suffragette, about the brave young women who fought to acquire the vote for women in early twentieth century Britain.

This movie really opened my eyes to the hardships which these women endured in order to bring about a better way of life for all future generations of women.

Prior to watching the movie, although I had a vague knowledge of the Suffragette movement, I realised that my knowledge of the characters of that movement had been shaped largely by Mrs Banks in the film, Mary Poppins.  I imagined that most of the Suffragettes, although perhaps committed to a positive outcome, were mostly involved in the movement as a hobby, or to add some excitement into their otherwise boring lives.

I had no idea of the suffering and the sacrifices which many of these women endured, in order to have women seen as equals to men.

There has been much discussion about whether the militant actions of the Suffragettes actually hindered their cause, as it was only after they ceased such actions for the duration of the First World War, that they and the more law-abiding Suffragists succeeded in acquiring the vote for women.

Whatever the case, we owe it to all of the women, who worked to secure women’s rights, to honour their memories by never taking for granted the rights we have, the rights which many women around the world still lack.

It is interesting to view the timeline for the granting of women’s suffrage throughout the world:’s_suffrage

We find also that there are a number of countries in which women still have no universal suffrage, but in many cases men’s rights are also restricted in these countries.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that this movie was aired shortly after women marched in their thousands around the world, in demonstration against President Trump’s attitude to women.

We are all being called on now to help bring balance back to the world.

The world has operated under a patriarchal system for so many years, no one can remember another way of being.  Perhaps it was necessary in a world of separation.

There has been a great movement forward in all areas of life which are governed by the intellect, the masculine side of life.  However the areas of life which are governed by the feminine side of life – intuition, nurturing, spirituality – have been allowed to wither.  In order to make a difference in this patriarchal world, women have had to fit into the system currently in place.

Women have worked since granting of their voting rights to establish their power within the current system.  But it is time now to change the system.  It is time now to move the world towards a more balanced system, where love rules, where feelings and intellect work together to create peace in the world.

I have to give a speech at Toastmasters in a couple of weeks.  The speech I was guided to write is quite spiritual in nature.  I was feeling uncomfortable about this, given the straight-laced conservative nature of the Toastmaster club, which, although it has many women members, is run very much along intellectual guidelines.

angel answers compromiseDue to the disquiet I was feeling, I used the Angel Answers app (Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine) to choose a card, and the card which appeared was “Compromise” (pictured).  When I do card readings for myself, I find that my ego wants to get involved, which always makes it a little more challenging than reading for someone else, but this card seemed to provide the obvious answer.

The problem was that, every time I went to change the speech to “tone it down” a bit, to compromise, nothing came to me, there was no guidance to change anything, and everything I tried seemed to ruin the speech entirely.  I was at a loss.

It was only after reading an article on Facebook, about the rise of the divine feminine, that I understood what it was all about.

The card was not giving me guidance to change my speech, the card was asking me to help restore the balance.

Just to make sure I understood the guidance of this card, I kept seeing more and more evidence that I understood correctly.  I saw scales everywhere, including on Doreen Virtue’s post for February 9: .

Toastmasters, like so many of our institutions, like so many of our systems throughout the world, have been created using masculine energy only.  It is time now to create balance in every aspect of our world.

Once I understood, I realised that my mission was to contribute to the movement towards a balanced world, the movement which the Suffragettes had started so many years ago.

No one person can restore the balance on their own.  The Suffragettes knew they had to act together.  All the women marching on January 21 knew that it would take a large number of women, acting in unison, to have an effect.

Don’t be surprised if you, too, are called upon to be a force for moving the world, not towards the divine feminine, but with the aid of the divine feminine, towards the divine balance.

(Mrs Banks – Sister Suffragette)


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