Spiritual Messages From Whom?

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From Oracle of the Dragonfae (Lucy Cavendish)

I had been guided to pick up my Dragonfae cards for the daily card readings during the week.  These cards had been neglected by me because most of them always seemed a bit dark.  Why, even the backs of them are a blackish green.

Yet there was a message, or rather a couple of messages that came through from them.  The Grandmother Magicks ones seemed to be channeled messages.  That’s fine, but my natural instinct, and those of my readers, I would think, is to want to know who the message is from.  Yet my guides told me not to worry about that.  Having protected myself beforehand, and with the help of my angels and guides, I was assured that the messages were loving messages from loving entities, and I could always tell by their content.

“In the world of spirit, there is no great divide between entities, as there is in the physical world.  Even though individual souls and beings have their own destiny and their own purpose to their activities, we are much more likely to view ourselves as a united force, than the beings on Earth, who, even if they are aware of their unity, have trouble comprehending the lack of separation between us.

Our reasons for not providing the identity of the origin of the messages has been to allow you and your readers to get a better understanding of oneness.  We are individuated, yet one indivisible unit.  There is no separation between us in spirit, any more than there is any separation between you in the physical world.

Even though you can see and feel individual beings, you know from your studies and from your personal experience that empathy is a scientifically proven fact.  The reason for this empathy is your oneness.”

I have been reading Talk Like TED, by Carmine Gallo, which tells us that neuroscience has proven that personal stories cause the storyteller’s and the listener’s brainwaves to fall into sync, and that “some famous neuroscientists believe we are hardwired for empathy”.

What are your thoughts on oneness and empathy?


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