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I love you

Last week I mentioned that I am aware of my spiritual back-up team – angels, spirit guides, archangels, ascended masters, and God.  (There might be some I left out, but I’m sure they won’t be offended.)  I realised during this week that I often take them for granted.  I often fail to ask them for help, and when I do, I often forget to appreciate the help I receive.

This weekend, I am off to Melbourne for the Angel Oracle Card Reader Workshop with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.  I was thinking about all the help I will need from my team while I am there, in order to perform readings, but also to help maintain a positive energy in a crowded room.  As my team were in my thoughts, I thought it was time that I devoted a blog to them.

I had never thought too much about angel and spirit guides until about 5 or 6 years ago, when for some reason, I felt the urge to buy a spiritual magazine at the supermarket.  When I was looking through it, I saw an advertisement for a lady who gave her title as “Intuitive” (what I would have called a psychic).  For an equally inexplicable reason, I had an urge to make my very first ever appointment with a psychic.

I was really impressed with this lady’s tarot and palm reading skills, as many things which she told me rang true.  One of the things she told me was that I had a couple of angels who were hanging around waiting for me to give them things to do.  She said that they could not intervene in my life unless I asked for their assistance.

She also told me that I had a couple of spiritual books in my bookcase, and it was time to take them out and begin reading them.  One of those books was “Ask Your Angels” by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie and Andrew Ramer.  This book took me through the GRACE process of learning to talk to my angels – Grounding, Releasing, Aligning, Conversing, and Enjoying.

I had had no experience with the energy body prior to this, but the exercises in this book worked to allow me to connect my energy body with the Earth, to release fears which I was holding, to raise my vibration to be more aligned with the angels, and to converse with the angels telepathically.

The same spiritual magazine led me to an energy healing course, where, during an attunement process, another psychic lady told me about the spiritual audience that she could see.  Apparently, there were a couple of angels, my spirit guide named Lola, and a few of my ancestors, who had come to cheer me on.

Not surprisingly, I was intrigued by all this.  When the famous medium, John Edward, came to town, I was keen to try to hear from these ancestors, so talked my sister, who knew our family tree, into going along to see him.  I didn’t get a reading, but as we were driving out of the car park, I heard on the radio the song “Sisters are doing it for themselves”.  Although I had goosebumps at the time, I may have put it down to a coincidence, if they hadn’t played the same song “Sisters are doing it for themselves” again, five minutes later on the same station.  I knew this was a message that I couldn’t ignore.

All of these spiritual beings had done so much to get my attention, I had to take notice.  I started applying the methods I had learned from the angel book to communicating with spirit guides and deceased loved ones.  I discovered that, for me, the easiest way to communicate was using a pen and paper.  I found that when I wrote the information that came to me from these spiritual beings, I could bypass the ego part of my mind, which otherwise would interfere with the message.  It was just like the automatic writing that the psychic had predicted I would be doing, except, unlike some people who channel spiritual messages in automatic writing, I was fully aware of all that was occurring.

I later learned that the same sort of telepathic communication was possible with all living things, and even those I hadn’t considered to be living, such as crystals, and Mother Earth.

I did psychic development and tarot classes.  I found books, audio and video classes from Sonia Choquette, John Edward, Doreen Virtue, and many others.

There were a lot of changes happening to me in a short period of time, and I went back to the psychic lady to help me make sense of some of it.  She told me during this reading that one day I would do what she was doing.  I laughed at her.  I didn’t really believe her at the time, but here I am, all these years later, doing Angel and Tarot readings professionally on the internet.

I have communicated with animals, fairies, Jesus, and Mother Mary, and just as Neale Donald Walsch did, I had my own Conversations with God.

My relationships with my angels and guides have changed over the years.  Some guides have been with me for years, but have stepped away during certain phases of my life, when I needed particular lessons to build my confidence.  I have had the help of my guardian angels, who have never left my side, and from time to time specialist angels have dropped in to help.

I know the archangels Raphael, and particularly Michael have been prominent in assisting me, and Gabriel has helped with some of my writing.  If you go back and read my older blogs, you might be able to tell which ones Gabriel lent an angel wing to, as I could when I was writing them.

I do remember to call on the angels to keep me and those around me safe on the road, when I am driving, and always ask for help when trying to exit a side street into a busy road.  I know that there is more that the angels can do for me; I just have to remember to ask them.  There might be some things, where spiritual lessons are concerned, where they may not be able to interfere, but they will always let me know.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of my spiritual team for their help – those of whom I am aware, and also those I am not.  I know that they do not need my thanks.  Like all spiritual beings, they need nothing.

We physical beings, too, need nothing, but our ego minds lead us to believe that there is much to fear, and much that we need.  This is why appreciation, of not only our spiritual helpers, but of everything in our lives, is so beneficial.  It reminds us of all the wonderful gifts we already have.  As we appreciate all of the benefits we have been provided with, we attract more benefits.  As we find joy in our lives, we share it.  As we share joy, it is always reflected back to us.

As we appreciate our gifts, we realise that we have nothing to fear, and we need nothing.  How can we be afraid when we have so many spiritual beings to help us?  How can we need anything, when God has provided us with so much assistance?

Having already completed Doreen Virtue’s Angel Intuitive course, I am already a certified Angel Intuitive.  When I return from this weekend, I will be a certified Angel Card Reader.  With the help of my angels, and my spirit guide Allan, who has helped me with all of my Tarot readings since I started, I will be happy to provide you with even better readings when I return.

Remember, though, that I am no more special than you are.  We all have angels and spirit guides to help us.  The archangels and ascended masters can help us all simultaneously.  Ask and you shall receive.

Are you remembering to ask your angels for help, or are they sitting around waiting for something to do as mine were?

Working with your spiritual helpers always brings great joy.  Why not start a conversation today?  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.


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