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If you have been reading my blogs about what I have learned from A Course in Miracles, you will remember that the mind is split between our God mind (the part that thinks as God thinks) and our ego mind (where any perceived errors occur).  This split occurred when we decided to separate ourselves from God.  (We are never really separated from God, but we have convinced ourselves that we are separate from God, and from each other.)  It is this split mind that causes all of our pain and suffering, because our ego mind fears our God mind, because it knows that, if we were to remember our reality as part of God, we wouldn’t need the ego any more.

God’s plan to reunite with all of his spiritual offspring involves each of us awakening to the fact that we are one with God and all of his creation.  As this occurs within each of us, the split in our minds begins to narrow and we can then think with a united mind, which is also united with God and all of his creation.

This plan was put in place at the moment of separation, and everyone is inevitably drawn to this outcome.  However, each of us has free will, and we can procrastinate for a very long time – even for many lifetimes.  In fact, our true will is the same as God’s will; we just have forgotten that fact.  This is the reason for the discomfort we feel internally and the conflict we project externally: our true will is only to love, and love is unity; but if we listen to our ego, we do not act in accordance with our true will.  All of the conflict in our minds and in the world comes from this discrepancy between our true will and our ego’s perceptions and the thoughts and actions it encourages.

“Eventually everyone begins to recognize, however dimly, that there must be a better way.”

As this recognition dawns, we begin to strengthen our God mind, and weaken our ego mind.  We begin to use our spiritual vision which the God mind offers, and place less importance on the perceptions which the ego mind offers.  In the early stages of this process, conflict may be increased, as we alternate between one part of our mind and the other.  The contrast becomes more obvious and more painful.

This contrast leads us eventually to favour our God mind and become intolerant to the pain of this contrast.  Delay in reaching our atonement, or at-one-ment with God, becomes increasingly intolerable as it becomes obvious that this adds unnecessary pain.

“As a result, the mind becomes increasingly sensitive to what it would once have regarded as very minor intrusions of discomfort.”

As I read these words in A Course in Miracles and began to understand them, I wondered if this could help me to make sense of things that have happened to me and in the world around me.  Follow along with me and see if this makes sense to you, too.

As I began to awaken to my spirituality, a few years ago, I began to become more psychic.  I became more able to hear communication from spiritual beings; I was able to sometimes feel the energy emanating from other people and beings, and differentiate between them; I became interested in Tarot reading, and could connect to other people’s lives, without ever even meeting them.  I could even communicate with animals telepathically, when I allowed myself to believe that it was possible.

Could it be that these were all signs that I was listening more to my God mind?

As my spirituality increased, so did my sensitivity, not only my psychic sensitivity, but my physical sensitivity as well.  Chemicals in processed foods, and sprayed fruit and vegetables, began to make me sick.  I could tolerate a little, but it seemed to have a cumulative effect, and if I consumed too many of these chemicals in a short period of time, I would suffer from very severe headaches and vomiting.  I had to drink filtered water and eat organic produce, or suffer the repercussions.

I had always had a sensitive nose, but now I can no longer tolerate the smell of perfume on me, and close contact with strong aftershave from a friend’s embrace sees me heading to the tap to wash off the residue.

As I have learned that the body is controlled by the mind and that all sickness originates in the mind, could it be that the physical sensitivity I have felt is really a reflection of the increased sensitivity of my mind, caused by narrowing the gap between the ego and the God parts of my mind?

I discovered a greater empathy for everyone else’s suffering, particularly animals’.  When I witness another being’s pain, I seem to almost feel it myself, and it leaves me feeling distressed.  Could it be that as my mind is coming closer to being united with the mind that is shared with God and all of God’s creation, I am coming closer to feeling what they feel, as if we were one?

Could it be that the increased number of children who we see being diagnosed with autism, aspergers, and ADHD is an indication of the number of children who are born already awakened, and already more extremely sensitive to the energies and stimuli they encounter in the world around them, as we might expect crystal and rainbow children to be?

Could it be that increased incidence of gluten intolerance and food allergies are further indication of this increased sensitivity in our society?

Does this mean that there are a lot more people awakening to their spiritual selves, to their God mind, than we realized?

Could this mean that the critical mass which is needed to change the world towards the positive, towards love, towards the peace of God, is a lot closer to being reached than we thought?

And could it be that the increased conflict which we are witnessing in the world, which we thought was a sign that things are heading in the opposite direction, is really a reflection of the increased conflict in the minds of people who are beginning to awaken, and that this, too is an indication that critical mass is closer than we imagined possible?

Could it be that the events that we have looked on with despair can now be looked on with hope?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.




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