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I am having trouble thinking of anything spiritual to write about, because my mind is focused on the animals.  I decided that is what my blog needs to be about this week.

As you probably know by now, I love animals and can’t bear to hear about them suffering.  The more sensitive I become, the more pain I feel when I think about what many animals endure.

I have seen a sign on a road nearby, advertising Lennon Bros Circus at Morayfield, with a picture of a lion on the sign.  When I checked out their website, I found that they are boasting being one of only two circuses remaining in Australia which still has lions in their shows.  They also have monkeys.

There is a reason that other circuses have decided not to include wild animals in their shows.  People are becoming more enlightened, and understanding the suffering that these animals endure as they travel from place to place in the small cages.  The circus is no place for these animals.

Next I was driving past the tavern at Beachmere, and saw a sign for a pig race.  Their Facebook page explains that this is an annual pig race to aid the local school.  Why not fund a children’s race instead?  Animals should be treated with respect, and making them race around a track at a hotel just doesn’t qualify.

When I arrived home, I received a promotional email from the tavern at Sandstone Point advertising their up-coming rodeo, which includes bull, bareback and poddy rides.  Here again, no thought is given for the welfare of the animals.

I also received an email advertising Moet & Chandon’s involvement in the Spring Racing Carnival, where ladies dress up, drink champagne, and watch as beautiful young horses are exploited in another industry which values money over the welfare of animals.

All of these animals will suffer at the hands of humans who can’t see past the dollars that will be gained.

We are at a time in the evolution of the human species when we need to start to consider the consequences of our actions in all that we do.

What are the consequences to these animals which we exploit to provide us with entertainment?

What are the consequences of my spending my dollars supporting an organisation or industry, which does not consider the consequences of their actions on the animals in their care?

Please respect the animals.


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