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I have been reading a book about an American man who learned to heal others using methods that he learned from Australian Aborigines.  In the book, it is made clear that the man’s spirit guide helped in his communication with the higher self and spirit guides of his patients.  This started me remembering the relationships I have had with my spirit guides.

They say that you should teach what you need to learn.  I would like to say that I have all the answers in relation to spirit guides, but that would be clearly false.  I am hoping that in the writing and teaching about my experiences with them, my relationships with my guides will start to make a lot more sense, and I will have, indeed, learned from this lesson as well.

We all have spirit guides throughout our lives.  These are generally beings who have lived as  humans on Earth, and therefore have an understanding of the problems we face and the emotions which we experience.  Along with our angels, who generally have never lived as humans and have a higher vibration than our spirit guides, they make up our team of spiritual helpers.

We usually have one main guide, who stays with us throughout our lives, and others who are with us for specific periods in our lives, in order to help us to achieve certain goals or overcome particular difficulties.

Just like the American man in the book, I first became aware of my spiritual helpers when I was learning alternative healing techniques.  For me it was in the form of Quantum Bioenergetics – a form of energy healing, of which there are a number.

During an energy attunement process, the lady performing the attunement mentioned that she could see a couple of my angels, one of my deceased relatives who was there to cheer me on, and my spirit guide by the name of Lola.  The lady explained that she had acquired the ability to see spiritual beings after she was given her attunement process, just like the one she was giving me.

I learned that my spirit guide had chosen this name because of its ease to hear and remember, and that it was derived from the beginning of my name – Lo, and the beginning of the name of the American Indian tribe to which she had belonged – La, which I later deduced was Lakota.

I was determined to learn how to communicate with my angels and guides, so began reading all that I could about the process, which involved quieting my mind and raising my vibration to be closer to those of my guides and angels.

I discovered that Lola’s role was to help me with my spiritual development, and she had advice for me such as:

“Try to make the most of each day, each minute.  Don’t worry about what lies ahead.  We are all here to help you.  Have faith.  Have courage.  Have love.”


“Choose the path that feels right to you at the time and you will know if you step from the path as your feelings will tell you.  Have faith in your abilities.  Have faith in yourself.  Have faith in us.  Love will prevail.  Don’t worry.  Be happy.”

Although, I received some wonderful advice from my angels and guides, there were times when the information that I thought they gave me turned out to be completely wrong.  I realised that it was very easy to let my mind get in the way of their messages.  What I thought were messages from my spiritual helpers turned out to be my over-active imagination.

I began to learn the importance of quieting my mind, of raising my vibration, but also of the power of intention and belief.  If I had strong enough faith in my abilities to quiet my mind and hear my spiritual helpers, then I was more likely to be successful.

When I started doing Tarot readings, I met another of my guides, who I was told was the only guide to ask for help with readings, so that I didn’t get confused.  Allan became my main helper.

I began asking my spiritual helpers for advice with everything I did, and Allan was always there.

I went to a regular psychic development course and Allan was with me there too.

One day I went to a different psychic development workshop, and the lady running it took us on a guided meditation to meet our spirit guides.  Having previously already met my guide, Allan, I was surprised to meet a different guide, by the name of Patricia.  I should have been excited to meet a new guide, but for some reason, I began to cry profusely and couldn’t seem to turn off the tears.

It was only during my meditation that evening, during which I conversed with my guides, that I learned the reason for my strong emotions.  My main guide Allan was taking a step back, and Patricia would look after me for a while.  I was told I could call on Allan for help with Tarot readings, but otherwise Patricia would help me.

For those who remember Claytons – the drink you have when you’re not having a drink – you will know what I mean when I say that Patricia was the helper you have when you’re not receiving help.

She and I had many an argument.  Sometimes I would ask a question and receive what turned out to be the completely wrong answer; other times I would ask a question and receive no answer at all.

It was only in hindsight that I realised that Patricia was, indeed, helping me, but helping me in ways I didn’t understand at the time.

She was helping me to have faith in my own wisdom.  Whereas I had always looked outside of myself for answers, during this phase of my development I learned to look within.

Our society teaches us to put our faith in others.  I had learned to trust my parents, my teachers, my religious leaders, my doctors, and other so-called authority figures, but I hadn’t learned to have faith in myself.  When I discovered my spiritual helpers, I just added them to the list of authority figures outside of myself.

After Patricia’s ‘Clayton’s’ help, I continued to ask for help, but instead of just accepting everything I received as fact and the best course of action, I began to weigh the pros and cons, and ask myself how I felt about the advice I had received.

I began to put into practice the advice which I received from Lola, but which I had failed to heed – to follow my feelings, and to have faith in myself and my abilities.

Years later, during a past-life regression, I learned that Allan is my soul mate.  I learned that he had helped me to choose my husband, Jon, as the perfect partner for all that we need to achieve together in this lifetime together.

My earlier devastation at losing Allan as my main guide began to make complete sense, and yet still left many questions unanswered.   Like: “How could I be aware enough of the loss of this close relationship to make me burst into tears, but not enough to be conscious of it?”

There are still many mysteries.

Since my help from Patricia, I haven’t been as keen to meet new guides and to know their names.  I know that Allan, my main guide, is still there in the background, helping me with all that I do.  I know, too, that I have other guides that come along from time to time as I need them.

I still ask for help with all that I do, but I also use my God-given intellect and intuition to decide on the best course of action.  I have faith in the advice that I receive now, and I don’t really need to know where it is coming from.  As long as I follow my feelings, and choose the path which feels right to me, I know that I am heading in the right direction.

I know that when I start to doubt the advice I am receiving from within, it is when I am using fear, instead of love, as the criteria to judge its accuracy.

I know that with love and faith, all things are possible.

I also know that I could achieve nothing without the help of my spirit guides.  I know that they are working in the background to help me to fulfil my life’s mission, and I am extremely grateful for all of their help.

Thank God for spirit guides.


If you would like to meet your spirit guides, why not just ask them.  They will find a way for you to meet.

If you are in a hurry to meet them, you can use the guided meditation which I recorded to help you meet your power animal.  Just have the intention to meet your spirit guide, and substitute the words ‘spirit guide’, instead of ‘power animal’.


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