Preserving Our Children

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If you preserve your original qualities, you can govern anything.

As I read this quote from the Tao Te Ching on Wayne Dyer’s Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life perpetual calendar, I couldn’t help but think of those who govern us now, both here in Australia and in countries around the world.  I wonder how many of those who govern us have preserved their original qualities.

What are your original qualities?

They are the qualities that you display as a child, before your family and your society imposed their values upon you.

They are the qualities which allow children to explore their world without fear, trusting all the while that everything that they encounter will be an adventure filled with lots of opportunities for learning.

They are the qualities which allow children to meet every person or creature with eager anticipation, until they encounter negative energy from those they meet or from their onlooking parents.

They are the qualities which allow children to instantly assess a situation or a person, not by appearances, or a person’s background or upbringing, but merely by the way these situations and people make them feel.

They are the qualities which connect children to their Source, which allow them to project only love.

Not only is this a lesson in what we should look for in those who govern us, but it is also a lesson in how we should bring up our children.

Young children always put their trust in their parents to feed them, clothe them and keep them out of danger.  However, how many parents put their trust in their children and their connection to Source, to allow them to grow and learn without inflicting their own fears and prejudices upon them?

As well as feeding them, clothing them, and keeping them out of danger, why not endeavour to help them preserve their original qualities so that they can govern anything?

Such governors have no use of armies, for they have acquired no enemies.  Such governors find no poor to feed, because they have already shared all that they have.  Such governors create no laws, because they understand that the laws of the universe are sufficient to rule by.

Their prisons are empty.  Their world is pristine.  Their love is obvious to all.

Their parents are very proud!


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