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As you might have seen, last weekend I attended a Oneness event – The Phenomenon and the Boon (the Gift).

I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was prepared to not like it and not to enjoy myself, but in spite of myself, I managed to have a wonderful time and to gain so much from the weekend, that it is difficult to put it all into words.

The first day we learned all of the tricks of the ego mind, most of which I was already aware of.  However, I learned to view these tricks in a very different way.

We were given demonstrations in videos and stories of some of the ego’s tricks:

Telling lies
Playing games
Not Listening
Being Indifferent
Creating problems
Wanting to change the world without wanting to change ourselves

We were also allowed to experience these aspects of ourselves through meditation.  The change of perspective came about when we were told that the aim is not to try to avoid these behaviours, but just to be aware of them.  It is in the awareness of these aspects of our ego that we begin to look at life through the eyes of our Higher Sacred Self.

Our Higher Sacred Self, or God-self, loves and accepts us just as we are, so has no need to want to change us.  However, when we become aware of these aspects of our ego selves, we begin to let them go automatically.  I can’t tell you how freeing it is to see yourself with all of these aspects, but not feel the need to feel guilty, or the need to change yourself in any way.

It is in the acceptance and loving of all of our being, including our ego selves, that we begin to accept the ego selves and all of the being of everyone else as well.

What we find is that when we start to pay attention to these aspects and notice them within ourselves, they actually bring us joy, because it is in this awareness that we are connecting to the Divine within.

Meditating on these ego aspects brought some insights, as well.

When I was meditating on Self-centredness, I became aware that even when we feel empathy for others’ pain, and therefore wish to end their pain, we are still being self-centred.  We only wish to end the others’ pain so that we can end our own pain.  I asked my Higher Sacred Self how we can get past that, and the answer came back:

“You can’t, while you still believe that there are others.  You can only get past that when you realise that there is no ‘other’, when you realise that we are all ‘one’.”

Later there were also meditations to help release our fears and disappointments.

During the second day, we connected with our Higher Sacred Self and learned the most effective method of prayer.  Although some of these steps in the prayer process have been emphasised previously by people such as Gregg Braden, I think it is worth relating them all to you:

1.  Clarity – Include all the details; focus on the solution not the problem; include a timeframe.
2.  Authenticity – Be authentic about why you want it.
3.  Forgiveness – We need to have forgiven others for our past hurts so that we can let them go.
4.  Seeking Forgiveness – Even though you can seek forgiveness in person from the one whom you have hurt, this step relates to internally seeking forgiveness so that you can comfortably have a conversation in your mind with that person.
5.  Relationship to Higher Sacred Self – It is necessary to have a relationship, whether as a friend, a father, mother, partner or whatever.
6.  Gratitude – For all we have received and all we are about to receive.
7.  Prayer – Ask only for the solution, not the problem; visualise (in 3D and colour if possible) as if it is happening now (and towards your right side); feel the feeling of gratitude that you have when you receive it.
8.  Detachment – Set it and forget it.
9.  Commitment – Make a commitment to give something in return, so that there is a balance between giving and receiving, ensuring that you are committing to something that you know is possible for you to actually do.

The greatest gift I received during the weekend was my reconnection to my Higher Sacred Self in a strong and joyful way.  I learned that this is easy to achieve when we are in meditation and focusing on our deep breathing, when we are being aware of the tricks of our ego self, and when we are celebrating life through dance, and through gratitude for all that we have received.

The greatest joy I found during the weekend was during this celebration of life and gratitude through dance, and the greatest sadness was when I realised that we deliberately pinch ourselves off from such joy, when we worry about what others may think of us, so fail to display and experience our joy.

I learned that many people, since attending these courses, have experienced a miracle a day.  I have found that being on the lookout for miracles helps to bring about more gratitude, more joy, and a stronger connection with my Higher Sacred Self.

If you have a chance to attend a Phenomenon and Boon workshop, I would highly recommend it, but it might help if you go with a bit less of a sceptical attitude, and a bit more trust.  Have fun!  I certainly did.


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