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I started another course this week: “A Course In Miracles”. I had heard about A Course In Miracles before: Marianne Williamson wrote about it in A Return to Love, and I heard Robert Holden talk about it at I Can Do It! Although they made it sound interesting, I hadn’t felt the call to read it – until now. When selecting my next course at AIHT, I knew that this was the one I was meant to do.

You can imagine my dismay, then, when I flipped through the ebook upon downloading it, only to think: “God, it will be a real miracle if I ever understand any of this.”

It is not that it is written in complicated language, but some of the concepts seemed quite deep.

You will be happy to know that that first miracle has already occurred – I do understand a little, and thought I could share with you some of the things I have learned so far.

You see, one of the things I learned is that we are all teachers. We have within us the voice for God and the voice of the ego. It is up to us to choose which voice we listen to, and which one we use to teach. The voice for God is that which uses love as its guide.

We can only fully understand the lesson when we teach it to another. I was going to say that I am really only being selfish then, in teaching this lesson, but then I remembered a quote from the course:

Do not withhold your gifts to the Sonship, or you withhold yourself from God! Selfishness is of the ego. Self-fullness is of the spirit, because that is how God created it.

I am hoping, therefore, that my wish to learn from my lesson to you comes from my self-fullness of the spirit.

The ego has created a separation between us, but I know that the Sonship (all of God’s creation) is really one. As I share my knowledge with one of my sisters or brothers, I am sharing it with myself.

As I share anything with one of my sisters or brothers, I am sharing it with myself. My understanding of the teaching of the Course, is that we only come to receive anything after we have shared it, because it is only then that we come to understand that we already have it.

We can no more share knowledge with another of God’s children, than we can share God. We are all linked by the mind of God, so we already have all of that knowledge within us, but we are not aware of it. It is in the teaching and the sharing that we come to understand that we already know what we are trying to learn.

As a child of God, we lack nothing. It is only our ego minds which have lead us to believe that we lack anything, but as we share what we think we lack, we come to understand that lack is just another illusion of the ego.

The Course talks a lot about the ego being the cause of all of our problems. It is what causes us to feel all of the pain and suffering that we experience in this world. So, if we have two voices in our heads which we can choose between, and the ego is the cause of all of our suffering, it surely makes sense to choose the voice for God, which is the voice of love.

This sounds pretty scary to our ego-selves. It makes us think that our free will may dissolve with our ego, and we will become automatons to the will of God. This is just another fear of the ego, where all fear comes from.

As a child of God, our will and God’s will are one. It is only in our separated ego state, that we believe that we have a separated will. But free will is paramount, so until we come to this realisation, we are free to choose as much fear and suffering as we wish. If we wish to choose peace, joy, and love, we will align our individual will with the will of God and listen only to that voice.

I once learned that in a conversation with God, it is the ego which supplies the questions and God who supplies the answers. Therefore, I thought that the ego is a necessary part of our existence on this Earth. For, how could we get along without our questioning self? But after some consideration, I realised that if we are listening only to the voice for God, we have no need of questions, because we are directly linked to all of the knowledge which provides those answers.

This is the greatest lesson I have learned so far: the magnificence that we are, as children of God. As we share our magnificence with others, we create miracles. But once we truly come to understand our magnificence, we no longer need miracles, because then we will be in a direct relationship with the Source of all those miracles.

Anita Moorjani in her book, Dying To Be Me, talks about how she discovered her magnificence during her near death experience, and the lesson that “I am love” allowed her to experience a miraculous healing upon her return to life.

Luckily, we don’t need to die, or even nearly die, before understanding our magnificence. We just need to understand that we are love. Love is the answer to all questions. If we are love, and love is the answer to all questions, then we are the answer. We have no need of questions for we have no need of answers, for that is what we are.

To summarise the lessons so far:

  1. Share. Give what you wish to receive; teach what you wish to learn.
  2. Listen only to the voice for God (the voice of love) and you will experience only peace, joy, and love.
  3. Remember your magnificence.







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