No Time Like The Present

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“There’s no time like the present,” my mother used to say, when she wanted me to do something that I was procrastinating about.

Perhaps what she really meant was: “There’s no time but the present.”

My lessons from A Course In Miracles have taught me that, for our real spiritual selves, the present is really all that exists.

I had learned previously that God is in the present moment, but I hadn’t understood this before.  I knew that when I focused on the present moment during meditation that I could connect with God.  I thought that it was only that my mind needed to be quiet before I could connect with God within.

I knew from reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, and A New Earth, that I could benefit from staying present.  I knew that, when all of my senses were focused on what was happening in the present moment, I completely forgot about my past disappointments and my worries about the future.

I had heard Wayne Dyer say that God is now, here, and that this was somehow linked to the fact that God was also nowhere.

But it has only been after reading a little of A Course In Miracles that everything is beginning to make sense.

Our egos always want us to focus on the past.  They know that in the present moment, they are of no use to us, and in order to defend their identities they don’t want us hanging around in the present moment.  They know that they have kept us in fear in the past, and want us to base all of our decisions on what happened to us in the past.  If we do that, we become frightened that what happened to us in the past may happen again in the future.  We thus use our God-given creative abilities to create exactly what we don’t want by focusing on thoughts of those fears.

Because of our ego’s focus on the past, and its projection of the past into the future, we forget to notice the present, which means our egos remain strong.

Just let me offer some food for thought for you.

What if all that we see in this world were but a figment of our imaginations?  What if our imaginations were linked in such a way that we co-create our experience together?

What if the reason that we are so successful at co-creating is that there is really only one Child of God, and he is forever a part of God, but that he imagined himself separated from God and divided into many separate parts?

What if, at the instant of separation, God ensured that time and space were created as tools to help his child find his way home?

What if each individual part of the Child of God, who is really a part of God, was given free will to decide what he or she wanted to do, where he wanted to go, and when?

What if, in every instant, every present moment, we each had the choice of returning to God, and to do this we don’t have to go anywhere or do anything?  We just have to be.

What if, every time we focus only on the present moment and forget what our imaginations had created in the past or in the future, we were returned to that instant just prior to separation, when we were one with God and all of his creation, and we caught a glimpse of the heaven we left behind?

What if the separation never really occurred, except in our imaginations?  What if we can become aware of this in every holy instant while we are only focused on the present moment?

If this were true, once we had experienced the glimpse of heaven that the holy instant gives us, we would all surely want to remain there, for therein lies the peace of God.  Could it be though, that for us to remain in that united state we first have to remind everyone else of who they are, because without the rest of us, the Child of God is not complete?

Could it be that God is now, here, in every present moment?  Could it be that God is nowhere, because space and time don’t really exist and therefore God is everywhere and nowhere all at once for all eternity?

Could it be that our physical lives are just like a dream, a dream that seems so real that we allow it to make us frightened?  But what if we were all to awaken from that dream?  At first we would feel a little disoriented, because we might have a hard time understanding what has been happening, but as we begin to see the light, we would understand that the dream was not real.  We would understand that all is well, that we are safe and protected in God, and there is nothing to fear.

We can all use our God-given light to shine on each other, to help each other awaken from the dream.  We can all awaken to real life where only love is real and we are all one Child of God.

Once we awaken from the dream, we can understand the power of our imaginations, and begin to use them wisely to create a better world for all our brothers and sisters who have not yet awoken, whilst we do our best to awaken those whom our lights can reach.

Once we awaken, we understand the real meaning of:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

If we understand that we are really only one Child of God, undivided from each other, and undivided from God, we understand that the Golden Rule can be taken much more literally.  As we do to another, we really are doing to ourselves and to God, because we are truly one with each other and God.

As we understand this, we understand the unreality of the life that we have imagined.  For how can something that is a part of God be hurt or killed or made to feel fear?  If we really start to live our physical lives as we understand our spiritual lives to be, we would understand our magnificence, our power as God’s spiritual children.  We would understand that there is nothing to fear in this world or the next, because wherever we are, God is, and God is all-powerful.

It is time, now, my brothers and sisters, to awaken to our magnificence in this present moment.  It is time now to make every present moment a holy instant, in which we shine our light on the love that resides within each of us.  It is time, now, to make our way home to God, together, hand in hand.  Come now; there is no time like the present.

Today’s lessons:

  1. The present moment is all that matters.
  2. Remember your magnificence.
  3. There is nothing to fear in this world or the next.


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