Mother Earth in Transition

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As I mentioned previously, when we put pen to paper first thing upon awakening, we can more easily communicate with our higher selves, our angels, and God, before the ego mind is awake enough to stick its nose in too much.  A similar situation occurs when we are meditating and our ego mind is quiet.

Here is what came through this morning:

“We are angels, sent to you to tell you secrets of the Earth.

The Earth is going through a transition at the moment.  Everyone on the Earth is going through a transition with her.”

“Is that the animals as well as humans?”

“The animals are transitioning as well.

As the Earth transitions, she needs to make some adjustments to the way she relates to all her charges.  You will find that the weather is changing in different areas. You may find that you feel differently – not sick, but not quite well.  You are all attuned to the energy of the Earth, and have to adapt to her changing energy.

There are things that you can do to help her and yourselves, during this time.

As always, you can care for your mother, the Earth, by respecting her, by picking up rubbish, and being careful about what rubbish is deposited in her.  You know that, as a species, you create a lot of waste.  Mother Earth has a way of recycling natural waste, but you know that some waste is harder for her to recycle, and she needs your help with those things, such as plastic and concrete.

If you can recycle these items yourselves, it will help your mother enormously.

As the Earth transitions, there may be times when you feel sad for no reason, or angry for no reason.  There is a fluctuation in the energies, and you being empathic, feel these feelings along with everyone else.

Just accept these feelings and release them, by doing physical activity, by crying or shouting.  You don’t need to analyse these feelings, and you don’t need to blame others for them.  You certainly don’t need to direct them at others as you release them.”

“Why are these energies increasing now?”

“In order to transition with the Earth, each person needs to attain the same level of light as her.  In order to increase your light level, it is necessary to accept and release any darker, heavier energy which you carry.  This energy may not be yours personally, but as an empath, you feel it nonetheless.

This is why it is not necessary to analyse.  You may find yourself going around in circles, searching for a cause, when, in fact, there may be no immediate cause, but a cause that has developed for generations.

Just accept it and release it.”

“Can we release it back into the Earth, through hugging a tree or gardening and such?”

“To a certain extent, but some energy will be stickier, and will need processing internally.

Have no fear.  This is a positive thing, and is nothing to fear, even though it may seem it at the time.”

“What about if we don’t feel this energy?  Some might be worried now, that they aren’t transitioning, if they don’t feel this energy.”

“If you can think love, be love, and act with love in all that you do, you may not experience the effects of the dark energy.  You may have accepted and released it, without even noticing it.

You can shield yourself from negative energy, but as an empath, if others are feeling it, chances are that you will too.  Your animals may not be immune from this energy, for they, too, are empathic beings.

Please have understanding and tolerance for all beings at this time.

May love and peace be with you.  Be at peace.”

“Can I ask: what is the aim of this transition?”

“The aim is to enlighten the Earth – for everyone to lighten up.  This can only occur if the dark, heavy energy already here is accepted and released.”

“I don’t understand.  If it is released, is it not then still here?”

“Once accepted, it is transmuted.  As you raise your level of enlightenment, the heavy energy is transmuted into lighter energy, but it first has to be accepted.”

“Who has to accept it?  Anyone on the planet?”

“Yes.  Mother Earth has already transmuted much of this energy, which you have passed to her to transmute.  But you can help her at this time by accepting it yourself and releasing it.  Once released, it is lighter, and the Earth is able to transition, along with all her charges.”

“When we do a chakra and aura clearing, we usually send any negative energy to the Earth to transmute.  Can we continue to do this?”

“Yes.  This is the best way, but this message is just if you happen to take on any of this energy, or your fellow beings happen to, you will understand, and you don’t need to fear, but just accept and release.”

“Ok.  Thank you.”

“You are welcome.  Be at peace.”

I know some of you will have questions after receiving this information.

Remember that the angels are here to help all of us.  No one is any more special than another.  I have had some practice at speaking to spiritual beings, but there is no reason that you cannot ask the angels directly.  I have found that, during meditation, my ego mind is quieter, and less likely to confuse the messages received from spiritual beings.  I also have found it easier when I write the messages as I am receiving them, as this tends to bypass the logical mind to a certain extent.

I believe that this is all part of our transition – to have a closer link with the angels.  As angels are beings of pure light, as we draw nearer to our angels, they are helping us become lighter.

If you wish to find out more about having conversations with angels, you could try reading Ask Your Angels, by Alma Daniel, Andrew Ramer, and Timothy Wyllie.

I would love to hear how you get on.


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