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I just watched Sonia Choquette’s video newsletter, in which she talked about the energy of everything coming back to life which she found, as spring becomes apparent in the northern hemisphere.  She talked about planting the seeds of possibility of a couple of things you want to experience, one which is a big deal for you to manifest, and the other which you feel is less of a stretch to achieve, and watching these seeds of possibility grow into being.

I thought that’s fine for those in the northern hemisphere, but what about those of us coming into winter?   We don’t have that energy of spring here.  Although, where I am, north of Brisbane, we don’t have four definite seasons and this autumn is shaping up to be one of the warmest on record, rather than being in an energy of everything coming back to life, we will soon be coming into a season of shutting up our houses and growth slowing down.

And then I thought: it is time to look at this differently.

What better time to plant the seeds of things we want to grow in the coming year?

As days become shorter and we start spending more of our time indoors, it is a great time to be doing research of what we would like to manifest.

One of Sonia’s hopes involved a trip to the Amalfi coast in Italy, and the other was to learn to cook better.

Say you had similar dreams of a trip which you don’t how you would manifest.  Why not spend your extra indoor time reading a book about the place you want to visit, or researching the details of your trip on the internet.

Similarly, learning to cook better is a much easier task these days, with so many helpful videos and recipes just waiting for you on the net.  Your extra indoor time can be spent preparing some wonderful healthy meals for yourself and your family.

Whatever your dreams, now is an excellent time to plant those seeds.

Some of those seeds you can start to see grow immediately.  It may not be cooking, but learning how to use a particular computer program, or perhaps learning how to crochet, or how to speak a foreign language.

Your big deal dream might take a bit longer to manifest, but half the fun is in the planning and research.  Maybe you would like a new car or a boat.  Why not spend your extra indoor time looking into all the options and researching the possibilities.

In other words, have fun!

You may never get to own that million dollar mega-yacht that you discover in your searches, but for a moment or two, at least, you can imagine what it would feel like to sail her, to come ashore in the destination of your dreams, and to speak the foreign language, that you have started learning, with the native population there.

The books I am studying for my new course at AIHT, Spiritual Guidance for Children, point out that, as we grow into adults, we tend to focus our attention on our reasoning analytical minds, and begin to lose our imagining abilities, which were strong in our childhood.

Children are able to much more easily imagine that their large cardboard box is a castle, and their old towel is a magic cloak.

But then we tell them to stop daydreaming.  We put them in front of television programs which replace their own imagined stories with someone else’s.  We make them reason and analyze, and soon they become just like us.

But there is hope for us all.

We just need to start exercising those imagination muscles again.

Ask yourself: “What if?”

If I had the time, what would I like to do?

If I had the money, what would I like to do?

If I knew how, what could I achieve?

Can I learn how?

If I were limitless, what would I be?

Young children know they are limitless.  They know that if they want a castle, they just need to find a large cardboard box, and if they want a magic cloak, they just need to find an old towel.

One day they might explore the possibilities of being a doctor; the next day they may be a fireman.  One day they may be flying an aeroplane, and the next having tea with the queen.

In amongst all of their exploring possibilities, they discover the joys of living, and they find that some things give them more joy than others.  As they explore their possibilities, they are having fun, but at the same time, little by little, they are adding to their knowledge of what they like and don’t like.  If we allow them to, they begin focusing more on what they like and less on what they don’t like, and begin to manifest the life of joy that they desire.  They are learning to follow their bliss.

Even we old fogies can learn to follow our bliss.

We can start by beginning to use our imaginations more.  We can start by imagining ourselves limitless, just as we did when we were small children.

In the process, we may discover what brings us joy, and little by little, we may manifest the life that we desire.

You may not manifest a mega-yacht, but perhaps that little dinghy which you have been wanting for years, or perhaps an island holiday.

You may find you are not keen on crocheting, but may stumble upon another more enjoyable craft in the process.  You may decide you don’t like the language class you signed up for, but may instead meet that gorgeous partner you have been wishing for.

Remember that the universe is always looking out for us, and we can have fun whilst exploring the possibilities which life offers us.

You never know, one day, you might just end up having tea with the queen.

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