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For those of us in Australia, the concern this weekend is for the federal election.

I rarely watch any news on television, because I know that the media are like sharks, feeding on any fears that arise.

A recent exception was just after Brexit (the exit of Britain from the European Union), mainly because my husband, Jon, is a Brit, and he was keen to hear what was happening.  There was so much fear in the media discussions, mainly fear of the unknown, but also fear of discord between those for and those against.  I realised that fear had also been a factor in the outcome of the vote.

I wondered if fear is likely to be a major factor in the way people vote in our election, as well, if they are listening to the fear-mongering media.

I wondered what the answer is, but then I realised that the world that we create on the outside is just a reflection of the world that we have created on the inside.  We elect leaders who reflect our fears back to us.  We live our lives with fear within, and we create a world with fear without.

If we wish to create the world that we desire, where peace reigns, and love rules, we first have to be peace and love.  We have to change ourselves first.

Before we can create a world where we no longer fight each other for resources, we first have to acknowledge that, in this present moment, we each have all that we need.  If we can be grateful for all of our blessings, and share our blessings with others, the universe will know that we are rich beyond all measure, and this will become our reality.

As we learned from teachers such as Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton, the theory attributed to Charles Darwin, attesting that the natural world is based on survival of the fittest, is wrong.  In fact, the natural world is largely based on co-operation and that is the world which we need to emulate.

Unfortunately, our western societies have ignored the teachings of the indigenous peoples of the world, which have learned from, and always promoted co-operation with the natural world.  Our western societies have sought to conquer the natural world, just as they have sought to conquer each other.

The time now has come to understand that we are all one; we are one with the politicians, whether we voted for them or not; we are one with the animals and plants which we annihilate; and we are one with Mother Earth.

It’s time to start practising the Golden Rule, which is a fundamental teaching of all religions.

“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you” has to include, not just our fellow citizens, but the planet and all who dwell on her, including the plants and the animals.

If you read this before voting in the Australian federal election, please don’t base your choices on fear, but rather on your true essence, which is peace and love.

As Bruce Lipton explains, together we can create heaven on Earth.



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  1. Rosie July 1, 2016 at 7:14 pm - Reply

    I agree with your thoughts Lorelle, there’s issues dangled in front of us daily in the media which are relevant to varying age groups. If we’re honest with ourselves it’s the natural resources we rely on and certainly health in regard to both ourselves and our environment. It’s important in thinking of elections as to who is actually going to preserve and utilise them wisely. Fear is a motivating factor and only too often we get distracted by other issues such as popular opinion and the seeming charisma various politicians carry with them.

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