Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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I have had a busy week and have had little time to think deeply about a topic for my blog, but there were a couple of images that kept coming to mind when I was thinking about what the topic should be and they all involved having fun.

I realised that I remember nothing of the things that needed to be done during my busy week.  The only things I really remember were those things which gave me joy.

I had felt guilty for taking time out to do some kayaking with my husband, Jon, which I followed by a short swim in the sea.  Yet this short interlude gave me such joy, as did the movie I watched one evening.

The film, A Walk in the Woods, starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, about Bill Bryson’s hike along the Appalachian Trail, reminded me of the laughter I had found in the Bill Bryson books I had read previously, such that I went online to find a couple of his books that I had missed.  After I found myself laughing once again, I no longer felt guilty as I stole some time from pursuing more serious tasks to read the first chapter.

I knew the theme of today’s blog had to be about laughter when I was searching for some information in an old email to a friend, when I came across another tale of laughter.  I will share it with you now, in case it helps to raise a smile in you:

“Speaking of laughing, I had the biggest laugh I have had in decades on Saturday night. My family was having a birthday do for the 5 people in the family who have birthdays at the end of February & beginning of March. I made up an Orgram pastry mix the day before (vegan and gluten-free), which took a lot of time and effort, and made it into a vegan caramel tart with banana and vegan cream on top on Saturday to take that night. Not sure what I did wrong, but the pastry was obviously a failure. I had to stick it together when I put it in the oven.

When my sister, Bev, and I went to cut the tart on Saturday night, the pastry was so hard I couldn’t cut it, so she got a barbecue utensil/lifter and started attacking it with that, thinking that it would break, but even with all her weight behind it she couldn’t get it to break. She finally was able to get it to break after much laughing and cackling, and had just lifted a piece onto the barbecue lifter when the lights went out, and she was left balancing the piece of caramel tart on this lifter in the dark. I was killing myself. We ended up having to scrape the caramel part off the pastry because the pastry was even too hard for the strongest of teeth. Needless to say, I will be buying ready prepared vegan pastry in future.”

My angels and guides have been telling me for years to lighten up and have some fun.  I really don’t know why I often feel guilty for doing it.  Perhaps it is something that our society has instilled in us – that adults aren’t supposed to have fun.  They’re supposed to be serious and work hard and achieve things.  But what if we’ve had it all wrong all these years?

What if we keep looking for our purpose in life and working hard at what we think that is, only to find that our real purpose in life is just to have fun, to enjoy life?  If we are having fun in our lives, we are more likely to find the enthusiasm for those things that need to be done.  We then find that we can enjoy all of our lives, even those parts we previously thought of as chores.

I am reminded of a book called Angel Messages From the Beyond – The Complete Book of Answers by Juan Nakamori, which I often used to open at random to see which of the 82 messages the angels had for me that day.  I can’t tell you the number of times that number 22 came up:

Humour is a kind of magic
That can transform your life into a cloudless blue sky.
When you laugh like an innocent child,
Your body and mind are healed.
How many times have you laughed today?
Have a proper laugh every day.
As you become able to observe things
With a relaxed mind and humour,
You will also be able to laugh off the hard things
And transform them into sources of power.

I bought a new Angel Card deck this week – Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards – and I pulled one before beginning this blog, thinking that it would provide some inspiration for me.

I kept asking for something from Archangel Gabriel, but kept discounting what I was receiving and then I realised what the real message was.  I was receiving the message: “Go outside and play”, but also the idea to provide a fun competition for all of my readers.

I had been discounting this idea because the card showed images of a serious spiritual nature, and it seemed almost blasphemous to me to make fun of it.  But this was the point that Gabriel was trying to make.  There is no subject in life that is too serious to be out of bounds for laughter.  If we can find a source of laughter in every subject, we bring joy into every part of our lives.

Perhaps our church officials may be offended, but perhaps they, too, need to lighten up.

Perhaps they could learn a little from the Dalai Lama, who said that Tibetans love to laugh.  He said that when he meets English people he always laughs because they are so solemn.  He said the same about religions leaders who make him laugh when they are being very holy, but really we are all the same, all human beings:

So here is my blasphemous competition:

Look at the image (and words, if you like) in the card above and create a funny caption.  The one that creates the most laughs for me will receive a free reading using my new Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards.

Just post it in the comments on my facebook page and let everyone else have a laugh too.

And after you have finished, go outside and play.


Have you had a failure which had you in stitches?  I’d love to hear about those too.




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  1. Yvon January 17, 2016 at 8:35 pm - Reply

    Hi Lorella, I saw your link to this post in the Conversations With God group and decided to take a look.I’m so delighted to have found your blog.

    I really relate to this idea of “lightening up”. I do slip into seriousness and forget about having fun. Collectively I believe we often equate fun to frivolousness, which we have labelled to be a bad thing. But it isn’t. Life was meant to be fun.

    And although I cannot think of a fun caption right now, I wanted to let you know you brought a smile to my face.

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