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My week has been filled with the highest of highs and, although not the very lowest of lows, some painful issues which I have had to try to move past.

Like most people, despite my regularly grounding, clearing, and shielding my energy, I become affected by worldwide events.  When you add to this, personal issues which arise, I find that I have to use all of the tools which I have learned, to ensure that I don’t get swallowed up in the whirlpool of depressing emotions which are swirling around me.

I have used tools such as:  thinking love often, sending love out into the world, surrounding myself in white light and seeing it enter my body through my crown chakra and fill every cell of my body, seeing any negative and foreign energies be released down my grounding cord and into Mother Earth for transmutation, brushing my aura with a large feather and seeing the negative and foreign energies being released as I do so, asking Archangel Michael to help me remove any negativity already accumulated and to help me shield myself and my home.

If you saw my weekly card reading for this weekend, it told us to shield ourselves.  Archangel Michael knew that by the end of this week, if we were not careful, we would start to be affected by the negativity in the world, so he offered to help us to protect ourselves from this.

Unfortunately, not everyone we come into contact with has learned all of these tools or asked Archangel Michael for help.

There are a lot of people who are feeling the effects of world events, and the effects of contact with others who are feeling these effects, without ever realising the cause.  Most of these people are not yet awake, and not yet aware of the fact that we live in a world of energy, and that, as we are all one, we are easily affected by the energy around us.  Therefore, these people would not take kindly to being told that they are suffering from the energy around them, or that they have a team of angels ready and willing to help them.

We can, however, help them by not reflecting back their negativity, but rather sending them only love.

We can also help them through prayer.

Prayer is a very powerful tool.  So is faith.  Prayer and faith go hand in hand.

Prayer is the act of us asking for a particular situation, or better still, being grateful for that situation already being manifest.  Faith is the mindset that is required in order to know that what we are praying for is, not only possible, but is already on its way to us.

The other aspect of faith is the knowledge that, even though we cannot see how this can be true, our current situation, which we are wishing to change, is one step in the path on the way to our desires.  Faith tells us that everything, no matter how painful, no matter how difficult, is part of a divine plan, which is leading each one of us, along with our planet, through a spiritual evolution.  Faith tells us that together we are evolving into the world of our dreams.

The other thing we can do, and I believe, must do, is to speak out and act to bring about the world of our dreams.

Although we have faith that everything is happening in divine order, we owe it to our planet and to ourselves to aid in the manifestation of the world we desire.

We all have issues which have caused us concern, and now is the time to speak out and act, to ensure that those who represent us, and those in power, know our desires.  Although you may feel that your small voice and your small action steps may make little difference, others around you are probably thinking the same.  As you speak out and act according to your values, you may inspire others to join you.

If you don’t have any concerns or situations which you wish to change, I can share a few of mine.  If it is in keeping with your values, I would be grateful if you could speak out and act in relation to these issues:

Gun control in USA

Ban live animal exports from Australia

End the death penalty globally

Ensure animal welfare is an election issue in Australia

For those living around the north of Brisbane, why not join in the World Peace Day prayers and Winter Solstice celebrations?

Thank  you for your help in making this world a better place for us all.


Image is from Doreen Virtue’s Butterfly Oracle Cards (for Life Changes).

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