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I am in the process of practising my second speech for Toastmasters, which I am presenting next week.  At the moment, therefore, my focus is on the subject of that speech – Improving Our Health.

In order to write the speech, I had to consider all of the factors which I believe have contributed to my good health.  As I mention in the speech, I cannot boast perfect health, by any means, but I really can’t remember the last time I went to the doctor, and even colds and flus seem to avoid me – touch wood.

I do remember one of the last colds I had, a couple of years ago now.  I was really beating myself up about it.  I thought that if I was living by the spiritual truths which I have learned, including that we create our own reality, I would have been able to create my mind and body in perfect health.  I was feeling a real failure, until I saw a video of Esther Hicks (speaking for Abraham), with a really bad cold.

For those who don’t know Esther Hicks or Abraham, Esther and her late husband Jerry, with the help of the channelled Abraham, have written a number of books about the Law of Attraction.  I figured if someone who lives and breathes the law of attraction every day can manifest a cold, then who am I to beat myself up about having one.

If ever I do suffer some symptoms of ill-health, I usually try to go with the flow, but try not to complain about or even acknowledge them.  If my body is telling me to rest, I try to rest, but if anyone asked me if I was ill, I would say no.  I would acknowledge that I am feeling better and better every minute, better and better every second.  And then I would sing the song that used to be on an ad for one of the private health funds: “I feel better now”.

Soon I really would start to feel better.

As I learned from Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham, we just need to keep reaching for better feeling thoughts, for it is our feelings which are important.  Once we start feeling happy and healthy, it really doesn’t matter if someone else wants to place an illness label on us, as long as we don’t start to believe it ourselves.

Rather than the philosophy of most of our doctors who want to see us as ill, so that they can keep themselves in a job, we need the philosophy of the doctors shown in this video, who saw the patient as completely healed and allowed us to witness a tumour disappearing before our eyes.

As Gregg Braden explains, our feeling based prayers are very powerful.  He presents some wonderful evidence of the power of the feelings produced by our powerful minds.  Our western doctors also have been given ample evidence of this, but seem to choose to ignore it.

Every doctor knows of the placebo effect.

Bruce Lipton, in his book The Biology of Belief, quotes an orthopaedic surgeon who conducted an experiment to verify which particular procedure was effective in knee surgery.  As well as treating some patients with different procedures, he allowed some patients to believe they had had surgery by making an incision while they were sedated, but not carrying out any knee surgery procedures.  It turned out that those who only thought they had had surgery improved just as much as those who had real surgery.  Some having fake surgery were even playing basketball afterwards.

The nocebo effect works in the opposite way and has been shown to cause premature death in cases of misdiagnosis.  Autopsies of patients, who were incorrectly told they only had a few weeks to live, have shown that they died prematurely.

A positive attitude to our health would seem vital, yet many of us feel disappointed when we go to a doctor and he tells us there is nothing wrong with us, or that our condition is only minor.  Perhaps on those occasions, our aim is not perfect health, but an excuse to pamper ourselves or to request that others pamper us instead.

Why not give ourselves this gift regularly – pamper ourselves and allow others to pamper us, so that we have no need to create ill-health in order to achieve this.

There are, however, a lot of ways that we can create ill-health for ourselves, if we desire it.

Stress is one of the greatest causes of ill-health.  Stress is caused by worry about what might happen in the future or what we should have done in the past.  Unless our present moment holds a tiger, or some other threat to life and limb, there is nothing to fear in the present moment.  Eliminating stress, then, entails living in the present as much as possible.

Meditation is one way of doing that.  Meditation can be anything which is done mindfully, anything which keeps us in the present moment.  As Eckhart Tolle once said “You can practise being in the moment when you walk across the room, as long as while you are walking you are thinking about each step, not what you are going to do when you get to the other side”.

However, I have found that 15 minutes of meditation first thing in the morning, and 15 minutes before bed allows me to start the day free of stress, and to release the stress that may have built up during the day.

Another contributor to ill-health is one which is often overlooked, and that is the chemicals we ingest.  Although some people are more susceptible than others, I found that, for me, reducing the quantity of chemicals in my diet, by buying organic and avoiding processed foods, has improved my health immeasurably.

I know that our environment suffers greatly from the overuse of chemicals in our food production, so one reason for my improved health could be that I am no longer consuming food which is not in keeping with my values.

The same applies to my vegan diet.

Although vegan diets have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes, and most forms of cancer, one of the reasons is that it allows us to consume food that is in keeping with our values.  If we understand the pain and suffering which is caused with every bite of animal product we consume, we cannot help but ingest that pain and suffering and store it in our bodies.

When I was consuming animal products and more chemicals, I found that energy healing was helpful in healing me from the effects.

I learned a form of energy healing called Quantum Bioenergetics, and also Quantum Touch, which is similar but seems more powerful because of the use of breath and toning in the healing process.  When carrying out these healings on myself, I would enlist the help of Jesus, who was more than happy to help even if the illness was largely self-inflicted.

So, if you do manage to attract an illness, remember that help is at hand.

Don’t forget, too, that the old adage holds true: “Laughter is the best medicine”.


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