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I met a dragonfly this morning that seemed to want to fly all around my car as I moved it out of the way, so hubby, Jon could go out.  The dragonfly continued to fly around me as I walked out of the garage, and seemed to want to tell me something.

When I asked it what it wanted to tell me, it asked me to follow it, but then it just went around in circles.  I followed it for a little while and then decided to come inside, as I had lots to do.

Before it told me to follow it, there was another message, however, which I have been thinking about since.  It told me it loves me.  I told it that I loved it too.

I realised that the dragonfly was just wanting to make sure I didn’t dismiss its message.  It seemed to know what my blog was going to be about before I did.

When I was learning to communicate telepathically with other species, we learned that the basis for this communication was love.  One first had to feel love for the other being before communication was possible.

I started wondering why it is so easy for us, humans, to say “I love you” to any other species – dogs, cats, dragonflies – but not to other humans.  Can you imagine the reaction I would get if I walked up to another person in the park, or on the street, and told them I loved them?  I am sure that they would call for an ambulance to cart me off to the funny farm (otherwise known as the mental asylum).

Why is it that love is considered so strange in our society?  Why is it that someone expressing love to another person, whom they don’t know intimately, is considered really weird, even insane?  Even expressing love to family members would be considered strange in some families.

Many people, who have started on the spiritual path, have heard that it is necessary to love oneself, yet if I told other people that I love myself, that would be another reason for that asylum admission.

Our society is so used to war, hatred, fear, and rage, but most of us have very little tolerance of love in all its forms.  Look at the kerfuffle that gay marriage has caused.  Two people want to pledge their love to each other in public, and many people are offended.  However we seem to be happy to support those leaders who are most divisive and warlike.

I have written a book, which I am hoping will be published soon, entitled Getting Used to Weird: Getting Used to Love.  This book tells about how my character, Angela, learned about weird things like talking to angels, spirit guides, God, and even dragonflies.  Just like Angela, I found the lessons in weird stuff seemed to be a whole lot easier to learn than the lessons in love.

It seemed a much greater challenge to learn how to love myself and others than to learn how to talk to angels.

My book has been sitting on the shelf waiting for me to pluck up courage to be a published author, not because I was afraid to talk about weird stuff (I got used to that quite a while ago), but because I was afraid to talk about love in all its forms.

Telling someone you love them is just one way of expressing the love that flows through each of us from our creator.  There are many other ways of expressing love, but before we can express our love to others, we first have to be aware of our love within.  This requires loving ourselves first.

This is one of the lessons which Angela and I learned, and which is talked about in my book.

If we don’t express our love in any form, it can become stuck, and cause difficulties for us in our mind and body, and in our lives.  Those leaders we spoke of who are divisive and warlike, and all those expressing themselves through war, hatred, fear, and rage, are more likely to be those who are unaware of the love that dwells within each person, including themselves.  They are the ones least likely to love themselves.

So, even though we may not be up to the stage of walking up to strangers and telling them we love them, as we aim for a world where love rules, perhaps it is time now to consider sending love in the form of healing and loving energy to complete strangers.  My suggestion would be to start with those who can obviously do with more love – those immersed in fear, hatred, rage, divisiveness and war.

And just so you know – I love you.

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