I Can Do It, and so can you

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Last weekend I was at ‘I Can Do It’ in Melbourne.  For those who don’t know what that is, it is a weekend of talks by Hay House (publishing company) authors. 

Each one of the speakers had their own special style, and each one related different information in different ways. 

Wayne Dyer, despite his sore neck, managed to give his spiritually uplifting talk with his usual smooth style, and great compassion for the audience, which was reciprocated when his condition caused him such pain, that he had to leave the stage for a short time.  He talked about being able to see clearly now, how the events of the past, however disconcerting they appeared at the time, all led him to the place he is today, and helped him to become the person he is now.

Nick Ortner demonstrated his tapping solutions, and showed us how to use EFT to help heal Wayne of his ailments, and ourselves as well. 

Deepak Chopra gave a fascinating talk, which included videos.  He is instrumental in bridging the gap between science and spirituality, and he kept me spellbound for even longer than anticipated, due to Wayne’s incapacitation.

Doreen Virtue reminded us that we all have angels helping us; we just have to remember to ask for their help.  She gave some angel card readings, and helped those listening, as well as those being read, to understand the messages from the angels.

Sonia Choquette had most of us moving out of our comfort zones and towards our spirit, with music, dance, and vocalisation.  She taught us to love our pet egos, but to consider training them to sit and stay.  My dog was doing a lot of barking during the exercises: “You can’t do that.  You’re not the sort of person that does this.” But I told it to be quiet, and have some fun.

Joe Dispenza lectured on practical advice for reprogramming our brains.  The basic tenet was that, if you keep thinking the same things, you’ll keep doing the same things, which will keep you thinking the same things.  Change the way you feel, think, and act, and you can change your life.

Lisa Williams did what she does best – helped people to communicate with their deceased loved ones, or, in layman’s terms – she spoke to dead people.  Like everyone else in the audience, I would have liked to have heard from some of my loved ones, but I enjoyed hearing Lisa deliver such accurate readings, that even the most hardened sceptics would have been convinced.

Whilst the people on stage inspired and entertained us, it was the other members of the audience who helped to make the weekend such a special one.  Most people’s intention seemed to be to learn how to give and receive more love, and this is what we experienced.  Joy and love filled the auditorium, and we couldn’t help but share it.

When our focus is on love, we are all spiritual teachers; we are all mouth-pieces for the divine.

So what did I learn on the weekend? I learned that I Can Do It.  I can do what all of those teachers were doing – I can be a spiritual teacher.  I am a spiritual teacher, and so are you, if you choose to be.  If you choose to think love, be love, and act with love, you are being a spiritual teacher in all that you are, in all that you do.  If you think love before speaking, you will be speaking on behalf of the divine.

Each of us has our own special style, our own way of being divine.  Some of us are very serious and intellectual; some of us are irreverent but funny.  Some of us are sophisticated; some are down to earth. 

Some teach with the things they do – leading by example. Some teach us with their words – in a song, a book, a phone conversation, or on facebook. Some teach us in photographs or paintings.  Some just teach us how to be. 

We can learn something from each divine being on the Earth, and each of us can be a divine teacher.

I know now that I can do it.  We all can.


  1. Jennifer August 19, 2013 at 8:56 am - Reply

    Thank you, Lorelle, for this great post. For me, it helped me relive my experience at Melbourne ICDI last year and especially when you mentioned about feeling the love. I remember sitting in the auditorium with 2,000 people and I could feel the energy flowing in waves through me. Each person gets out of this conference whatever they need. Everyone is different but everyone certainly Can Do It if they choose to feel it and live it.

  2. Carolina August 24, 2013 at 1:01 am - Reply

    Thank you Lorelle for share with us ! I am so happy that you were there .

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