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I had a dream last night, in which I was having lots of fun skiing. I was just going down and back up the same hill without any snow, and having a ball in the process. When I awoke, I knew that my blog this week had to be about having fun.

In today’s busy world, there always seems to be so much for us to do. Many of us have work commitments, family commitments, home commitments, not to mention commitments to community or our serious hobby interests. In this information age, there are always emails to read, social media and world affairs to keep up to date with. We are often glad for a few moments to sit down and relax. Sometimes, we consciously work some “me” time into our busy schedule, but how often do we include “play” time?

We each have an inner child which longs to let down its hair and have fun. For many of us, it has been so long since we considered our inner child, we have forgotten what fun even looks like. We can relearn to play by watching young children.

Young children don’t need toys, or even other children to play with. They take delight in splashing in puddles, running in the fresh air, playing peek-a-boo from behind furniture or large cardboard boxes. They enjoy the sound and the feel of the sand squeaking beneath their feet on the beach; they love to build sandcastles and make believe they are knights or damsels within them; they bake mudpies and pretend they are wonderful cooks, or elegant ladies enjoying tea parties. They use their creative abilities to create masterpieces on the walls, or to create a world of make-believe in which to play.

All too soon, we learn to live in the real world – the world where the walls are out of bounds, and where imaginary friends no longer exist. We learn about our responsibilities to our schoolwork, our family, and our real friends. We begin to forget our creative abilities, or we allow them to be directed by others, until we can’t remember what fun means to us as individuals. We learn to colour within the lines, and to live within the rules of our family and our society.

Whilst I am not suggesting that we need to start drawing on the walls or breaking the law, maybe it is time to start to reconsider what fun means to us. This might mean learning to colour outside the lines again.

Would you enjoy creating a masterpiece on butcher paper or a computer art program, for no other reason but for the joy of creating? Might you have fun doing something that your friends or family might think is crazy or boring? Could you use your imagination to create a world of fun and adventure first in your mind, and then see where your imagination takes you?

When you are outdoors, remember to notice the world around you – the noise the water makes when you walk in it, the feel of the wind in your hair as you run, the shapes of clouds moving overhead. Take off your shoes and feel the grass or sand underfoot. Notice the way the drops of water drip off your nose in the rain and the colours of the flowers and leaves that you pass.

Instead of walking or running, when was the last time you skipped, just for the joy of it? Maybe you could climb that tree in the back yard, where you have seen your children having so much fun? Might you enjoy getting out your old skipping rope, or perhaps a hula hoop or yo-yo? What about your old chemistry set or remote controlled car?

Maybe you would like to learn to do hula or ballroom dancing. Perhaps there is a painting class you would enjoy.

Imagine what you would like to do, not to achieve any goal, but just for the sake of having fun?

Once you have imagined a source of fun for you, ask your angels for help with it. Whatever you can conceive of, can be achieved, so don’t let practical issues like lack of money, or other perceived restrictions stand in your way.

As we learned from the children, a lot of the fun can be had just in the imagining of our desires. But once you have imagined your source of fun, you can have as much fun in the creation of it.

Once we have learned to imagine this individual world of joy and fun, and to create if for ourselves, it will be so much easier for us to then imagine an entire world where everyone lives their lives with joy and fun, and to help create that world for us all.

Remember to add “play” time into your weekly schedule, and when it comes time for annual holidays, remember the importance of play then, too.

Remember to ask the angels for help with creating your fun, and allow them to have some fun as well.

Have fun!


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