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I was moved to do my weekly card reading prior to my blog this week, but you’ll have to wait until Sunday night for it to be posted.  I had no idea why the card reading had to come first, until I had finished my reading, and then I knew that one of the cards in the reading had more that it wanted to tell me.

I used Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards (Scott Alexander King) for the reading, so no prizes for guessing that the card in question is an animal card.  The card, bearing the number 0, is Eagle, which represents Spirit.

Ed McGaa, Eagle Man, the author of Nature’s Way, tells us that “when the Sioux see the eagle flying, they are reminded of Wakan Tanka’s [Great Spirit’s] observation of their actions”, as they believe that Eagle sees on behalf of the Great Spirit.

If we, as humans, were to see what Great Spirit sees through the eyes of Eagle, we might be disappointed or even upset.  Instead of looking with our blinkered vision through which we only see our small part of the world, we would, instead look from a great height on all the damage and destruction we have caused.

We would notice the forests being cleared; we would notice the oceans filled with plastic; we would see the giant craters which our mining operations had caused; we would notice the glacier ice melting, and the sea levels rising.  We would see the millions of people dying from hunger or living as refugees from war; we would see the number of species disappearing at an alarming rate due to the consequences of human actions.

If we could see what Great Spirit sees, we couldn’t help but act differently.

But Great Spirit doesn’t view things as humans do.

As I began to type this blog, a Butcher Bird appeared at my window.  I don’t mean on a branch outside my window, or flying past it.  I mean sitting on the narrow window sill with its eye glued to the window – until it made sure that I had seen it, and then it flew away.  Although I have learned to communicate telepathically with animals (on a good day), I got the feeling that the message of this Butcher Bird was one which I could find online.

I knew when I saw it that the message that I found here was the one which this Butcher Bird, and Great Spirit, had for me.

Butcher Bird and Great Spirit were telling me that, having seen the problems, we want them to be fixed yesterday.  We become tense because we feel like we are not doing enough to help overcome the problems that we have helped to cause.  We set our sights too high and then become upset with ourselves when we fail to see sufficient results.  As we learn from this website: “Go a little more easily my friend. Rome was not built in a day; indeed, Rome still continues to grow. Life is a never ending commitment to honour ourselves.”

Now that we have seen the problems, small action steps are all that is required.  As we work to build a better world, we are building the Rome that we desire.  As we take those small action steps towards a better Rome, we are, indeed, honouring ourselves.  As we focus our love on solutions rather than problems, we are also honouring ourselves.

It is only when we see the problems, and yet act only to worsen them, that we fail to honour ourselves.  Also, if we see the problems, and continue to only focus on the problems, rather than solutions, we fail to honour ourselves.

If we were to see what Eagle sees, not as humans, but as Great Spirit, we would see a world of change.  We would see a world filled with love.  We would see a world where humans are using their love to create a better Rome, a better world, for all of Great Spirit’s creation.

Great Spirit knows that not all of the humans in the world are awake, as yet.  It knows that, no matter what their circumstances, everyone is doing the best they can in the situation in which they find themselves.  It knows that, although not everyone is awake yet, there are thousands of people – soon to be millions of people – who have seen the problems, and are working to find solutions.

Great Spirit knows that these people are using their love to wake others up.  It knows that, once awake, they, too, will join those working to find solutions to the problems.

Just as traditional Native Americans had a personal relationship with Great Spirit, we, too, can establish a personal relationship with our creator.  The first step is to establish a relationship with Great Spirit’s creation.  As we use our physical senses to learn from nature, we can learn a lot about the creator of nature.

As we practise using our five physical senses to learn about our creator, we develop our sixth sense of intuition, and we develop our abilities to communicate with our creator.

One of the first lessons I had, when I awoke, was to go for a walk every day.  I’m not talking about getting on a treadmill, especially with music blasting in your ears.  I’m talking about walking in nature, even if that is suburban, or even urban nature.  I’m talking about breathing in the fresh air, which is filled with love.  We breathe in love with every breath we take.

At first I resisted the idea of my daily walk.  Like a lot of people these days, I thought that I didn’t have enough time or enthusiasm for walking.  I couldn’t understand how a half hour walk could turn into a spiritual experience.  It becomes even more of a spiritual experience if you can interact with the nature through which you are walking – hug a tree, look an animal or bird in the eye, or walk barefoot on the Earth.

As you interact with nature, you begin to realise that you are really interacting with the Creator.  As you begin to interact with the Creator in nature, it becomes a lot easier to see the Creator in your friends, your family, and even your enemies.

Who would have thought that a half-hour walk each day could lead to world peace?


I would love to hear about your experiences of interacting with nature, of discovering Great Spirit.


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