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I started reading the book, E2, by Pam Grout, a few days ago.  This book has a number of experiments, which theoretically prove that the Law Of Attraction works, and that we can manifest our own reality.

I thought: “This is great.  If I can do the experiments and prove that it works, my belief system will change, such that I will know for certain that I am a powerful manifester of all I desire.  There will be no stopping me.”

The first experiment was straight forward enough:  you just needed to have an intention to manifest a blessing into your life within 48 hours.  It had to be something that couldn’t be written off as coincidence, and you were not supposed to ask for anything specific.

When I wrote out my intention, my prayer if you will, I asked for something super-duper.  I said I needed a super-duper blessing, because I already acknowledge so many blessings in my life, I didn’t want to miss it.  I already notice so many things now, which a few years ago, I would have never seen or heard, let alone acknowledged and been grateful for.

I see the birds in the trees, and hear their individual calls.  I notice the bees on the flowers, and the pleasant feeling as a light breeze caresses my hair.  I see the beautiful feathers on the ground, and the sun’s rays streaming through the clouds.  I look into the eyes of my dog, and see the divine.  Every morning I write a list of those things I am grateful for, both now and in the future.  I needed a super-duper blessing, because I knew that there are no coincidences and that everything is a blessing.

Imagine my disappointment then, when the 48 hours was over, and no super-duper blessing had materialised.  Naturally, I was upset.  I thought that God, or FP, as Pam calls it (short for Field of Potentiality, I think), had let me down again.  Pam says that FP doesn’t play favourites, so if this experiment works for everyone else, then it must be me.  I’m obviously no good at manifesting.  I am hopeless, useless – all of the things that our egos tell us when they are ruling the show, and they can’t find anyone else to blame.

It was only the next morning, after my meditation, that everything began to make sense.

During my meditation, I remembered the program I had seen on TV the night before, which ended 30 minutes before the 48 hour deadline for my experiment.  At the time I had thought nothing of it, but now I understood.

It was a re-run of Doctor Quinn – Medicine Woman.  The town had just undergone a diphtheria epidemic, during which Doctor Quinn’s sister had died.  The epidemic abated just before Thanksgiving, and the doctor’s mother had declared that there was nothing to celebrate, after losing her daughter.  Her other daughter reminded her that she still had much to be thankful for – she still had four surviving children, and lots of grandchildren, and she and they were all healthy and thriving.  So they had their Thanksgiving dinner and gave thanks for all that they had.

After I replayed this scene in my head during meditation, I realised that I, too, had much to be grateful for, and I began to understand the blessing I had received in that experiment.

Yes, in the past I had notices the wonderful things in life, and I had made a list every morning of some of the things I appreciated, but I now realised that my appreciation was in thought only.  Most of the time, I didn’t actually feel the appreciation.  My gratitude list had become a rote list, like someone deciding what groceries they needed to buy at the supermarket.

Bread, milk, the plants, the animals, the birds.

Now, I understood that if gratitude was not really felt, then it wasn’t gratitude at all.  Now my gratitude list has become a heart-felt testimony to my appreciation for all of God’s great gifts.

FP has been giving me other reminders.  A friend in Canada wrote me and mentioned that it was Thanksgiving weekend there, the previous weekend.

I am now learning more about manifesting everywhere I look. Last night I watched the old musical, The King and I, and it was only after the song finished, that I realised that here, too, was a message about manifesting.  The song tells us to whistle a happy tune whenever we feel afraid, and the happiness in the tune convinces us that we’re not afraid.

The result of this deception

is very strange to tell,

For when I fool the people I fear,

I fool myself as well.

Make believe you’re brave,

And the trick will take you far,

You may be as brave,

As you make believe you are.

I started thinking about these words to try to understand what the secret is.  Could it be the ‘make believe’?  And who are good at ‘make believe’?  Why, children, of course!

Could it be that FP, God, our creator (whatever you wish to call it) provides the perfect way for children to thrive in this world?  It provides them with the ability to ‘make believe’ they are whatever they want to be.  We adults tell them that they have to face reality and live in the real world, and so they become like us – living in a world of limitation.  Yet, if we allowed them to, they could be, do, and have, whatever they desire, just as God promised us in the Bible.

Matthew 7:7 says: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”.

Perhaps this is what Christ meant in Matthew 18:1-4, when he answered the disciples question: ““Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.””

We know that young children find joy in the simple things in life.  They sometimes disappoint their parents, when they find the cardboard box, which held their Christmas gift, to be more fun to play with than the toy it contained.  They see wonder in every situation, and find joy in simple pleasures, like bubbles and butterflies.  They begin to imagine themselves growing up to be doctors or nurses or firemen, before we tell them that they are not smart enough, or the wrong sex.  They see everyone as equals until we, adults, point out the differences, and why some are better than others.  They know that anything is possible, until we tell them otherwise.

Let’s relearn the skills we were born with: to really feel appreciation for all of the simple joys in life, to ‘make believe’ we already have what we desire, and that we already are who we desire to be.

And remember: every situation holds a blessing.  If we haven’t seen the blessing, perhaps we need to change our perspective.  Maybe it would help to ask: How would a child view this situation?

If we do this, we too, can enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven, which FP has provided for us, here on this beautiful Earth.


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