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My energy, along with the world energy, seems to be a bit agitated today.

I have been hearing a lot of messages in the last couple of days, from people all over the world, about changes that are happening to our planet.  There is movement happening within our beautiful Mother Earth, who is taking us into the new age of love and joy.  We just need to keep up with her, by always being love and joy ourselves, regardless of the turmoil that is going on around us.

Old systems are crumbling, and it is up to us to remain in the light as the darkness becomes confused.  As those who have rested in the dark search for answers as their world changes, it is up to us to show them our light, so that they can find their way.  It is very important that we don’t get sucked into the turmoil, as it might drag us down.

Meditation is key at this time, so that we can remain in communication with our higher selves.

As I felt that we are going through an important time at the moment, I sought some guidance today from the Butterfly Oracle Cards (Doreen Virtue) and from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards (Denise Linn).  They have some further advice for us.

The Hobbies card is also reminding us to stay in the light, but it is suggesting an alternative way to do that.  As I mentioned, it is important at this time to remain in love and joy.  As you practise those hobbies which you enjoy, you are following the guidance of your higher self.  Your higher self’s guidance will always lead you to joy, so when you are doing something you enjoy, you know that you are always in the light.

You might argue that people may enjoy things which are not for their highest good, like hurting others, for instance.  But, in fact, they do not find joy during these acts.  This is the reason why there are such people as serial rapists – they are continually searching for love and joy and hoping to find it in their acts of rape.  They find power, but they can never experience love and joy during such acts.  Although sex is a loving act, neither party, during any loving act which is forcibly taken, can experience the love that exists there.

This Hobbies card reminds us to follow our bliss.  As you follow your bliss, you will always remain in the light.

The other message from this Hobbies card relates to the African Violets pictured.  This is encouragement to develop your clairvoyance and other psychic skills.  As we use our upper chakras for these psychic skills, practising them keeps us closer to our higher selves and our heavenly helpers, rather than focusing on the lower chakras which keep us focusing more on our security, and threats to it which may be happening in the world around us.

The Shape Shifter card provides advice that helps us to cope with this current energy, as well.  It reminds us that what has happened in the past is no indication of what might happen in the future.  This is the case, not only for Mother Earth, who is in the process of dramatic change, but for each of us as well.

As we shine our light in the darkness, more and more people turn to the light.  You may be thinking that there is something in your past which has held you back, but you can have a clean slate now on which to write.  The same applies to other people in the world.

The time has come to stop judging others as ‘bad’.  We have all been ‘bad’ at some time during any of our current or past lives.  There is nothing stopping you or any other from moving towards the light now.  Your faith in, and encouragement for those people, will help them move towards the light.

It is time now to view each person in the perfection in which our Creator and her angels see us.  As we let go of judgement about a person’s past, we allow others to let go of their past as well.  In the higher realms, there is only now, and each person has the opportunity to choose, in every moment of the now, in which direction they wish to move.

The purple on this card is another reminder to stay focused on the higher chakras as much as possible.

There is a new moon this weekend.  The new moon has traditionally been the time for manifesting desires.  What better time, than this weekend, to harness the energy of the new moon to manifest your prayers.

There is a new dawn on the horizon, a new age of love and joy.  Let us use this energy to help bring about this new age, by focusing our prayers on the desires of our higher chakras, rather than our lower ones.  Peace, love, joy, abundance for all – these will by my prayers.

The Shape- Shifter card reminds us all that we are powerful children of our Creator, and we are able to create this world just as we desire it.

So, shine your light, dear ones.  Become the person that you know you are capable of being, and have faith that each and every one of us has that same capability.

Be at peace.

native shape-shifter

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