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Here is today’s angel message:

Lorelle, this story is about you.


No, not you specifically, but you, the human race.

You know, Lorelle, that your race has been praying for miracles to bring peace to your planet.  All of you have been praying, but not all have been praying for peace. 

Sometimes you don’t realise that, when you focus on war and violence, you are praying for war and violence.  You don’t realise that your prayers are being answered.  If you want peace, as many of you do, it is necessary to focus on peace, love, and joy.

It is impossible to achieve peace, love, and joy in your experience on your planet, when you focus on the opposite.  When you focus on peace, love, and joy, you experience peace, love, and joy.

In fact, you are peace, love, and joy.  You only need to focus on the peace, love, and joy within you, in order to experience peace, love, and joy.  Once you are aware of your own peace, love, and joy, you are able to share it with others.

Lorelle, once you focus on peace, love, and joy, you experience that, because you are merely taking away the illusion, the veil which stands between you and your awareness of the truth of who you are.

Don’t worry if you can’t see it at first.  In the stillness, you can find your peace, love, and joy, and if you find it in the stillness of meditation, you are more likely to be able to experience that same peace, love, and joy as you go out into the world.  And if you continue to return to the peace, love, and joy within you as you go out into the world, you are in a position to share your peace, love, and joy with others.

You are a child of God, and you are able to create the world that you desire.  But first you have to recognise who you are – a child of God, made in the spiritual image and likeness of God, as peace, love, and joy. 

Once you recognise who you are, and share that peace, love, and joy with others, you begin to notice that everyone else and everything else is made in the image of God as well.  Every human on the planet has the potential to be peaceful, loving, and joyful, and your sharing your peace, love, and joy with them could be the catalyst they need to get there.

“What about those people who are psychopaths, or on mind-altering drugs.  Do they still have the potential to be all that they were created to be as children of God?”

Yes, Lorelle.  Psychopaths have certain traits, which just need to be understood, in order to allow them to live in the world, as peace, love, healing and joy.  They have the same potential as any other human.  As for those who have been affected by mind-altering drugs, they always have the potential to stop the drugs, and to heal from the effects.  God doesn’t give up on anyone, and neither need you.

You don’t have all of the omniscience and other attributes which would help you to help people like this, but there are some among you who have affinity with people such as these, and who are able to help them achieve their potential.

It doesn’t have to take generations to achieve peace on Earth.  It just takes faith, love, and a will to achieve it.

What would you like to achieve?

You can start today by recognising your own potential for peace, love, healing, and joy.  Recognise it in yourself, and then share it with others.

You are all loved.  You are loved; you are love, and you can love equally well.

Be the peace, love, healing, and joy that you were created to be.

Be at peace.


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